Jennifer Lawrence Nude-Gate Not Down to Apple Says Company

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Jennifer Lawrence Nude-Gate Not Down to Apple Says Company

With all the fuss about Jennifer Lawrence and her “nude-gate” issues flooding the net, along with the other hacked celebs, Apple have come forward to say that the leak is not down to their company. Supposition early on in the whole Labor Day Weekend affair was that the culprit was iCloud or the Apple app “Find My Phone.”

Not so, say Apple and investigations continue as the FBI attempt to track down the hacker and make him or her liable for prosecution. The old adage “sex sells” appears to be the motive behind this cyber attack as the person allegedly responsible complained that not nearly enough money was made in this sick venture.

Complaining that too many people wanted “sh*t” for free, the alleged hacker responded with profanity and added that he/she had worked too hard for that sort of return. The world’s heart must surely bleed for this miscreant. According to Apple, certain celebrities were specifically targeted by a “brute” attack and this was not a general problem with their software.

Reportedly, the same hacker who uploaded 100s of images of rich and famous skin, has promised to upload a Jennifer Lawrence sextape. Presumably, since the hacker did not make much in the way of bitcoin on his/her earlier venture, this alleged tape will have a pretty hefty price tag. As Apple have stated that the earlier leaks (nude-gate) were not down to their company, at least they can rest easy knowing that money will not be taken from their coffers as a result of any further nude pics or videos.

What is amazing about this latest celeb scandal or “Nude-Gate” is the lack of logic behind the social networking site Twitter and its users tirades against certain tweeters. Ricky Gervais was “tweeted down” after he attempted to make a joke about the incident. The Brit comic quickly took down his seemingly insensitive post. Then the Twitter world took a shot at one of the celebs who had been hacked.

When Mary Elizabeth Winstead posted a tweet slamming the hacker involved and lambasted those who were looking at the pictures, she got immediate grief from the community. Apparently this heartfelt post was not received at all well in the Twitter-verse as shortly afterwards the actress tweeted that it was a good time to have a “block button.” Winstead followed that up with the news that she would be taking an Internet break.

Considering the total lack of support for the actress, it appears that Twitter has indeed become the new playground of the world’s younger citizens. Either that or since she is not still America’s sweetheart like Ms. Lawrence, her pain is not worth supporting. Articles have claimed that tweens and teens were leaving Facebook in droves and joining the microblogging site and this lack of logic as well as a lcak of empathetic support seems to prove it.

Aside from the apparently callous responses Ms. Winstead received, it is interesting to note that literally on the same day that the computer company Apple claimed this incident had nothing to do with the leaks in question, a celebrity lawyer has been telling his clientele not to trust iCloud or their smartphones.

Celebrity nudity will always be a headline grabber regardless of whether the individual caught out is an ‘A’ lister or a ‘Z’ grade wannabe, there exists an audience who will rush to look up these invasions of privacy. Of course some celebs, who will not be named, but at least one is named after a world famous hotel chain, have managed to turn their “leaked” photos and sex tapes into a career defining moment.

However, hard-working, award-winning actresses like Jennifer Lawrence do not need to rely on a scandalous “nude-gate” in order to drum up publicity for themselves. Apple have gone on record as stating that the whole thing had nothing to do with their company or their security measures. Like The Hunger Games star, the computer business is eager for the culprit to be caught, if for no other reason than to prove it was not their fault. It remains to be seen whether or not the hacker has a sextape of Lawrence or not, but one thing is certain, there will be no shortage of curiosity seekers who will rush to view it.

By Michael Smith



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