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Jennifer Lawrence Nudity iCloud and Apple Who is Zooming Who


Jennifer Lawrence Nudity iCloud and Apple Who is Zooming Who

While the current headlines are screaming about Jennifer Lawrence and her personal nudity being stolen from iCloud and the fact that Apple may not be safe as it should be, the big question here is, just who is zooming who. Points will be given for those who can spot the obvious pun in this thoughtful query. The business of stealing celebrity’s personal images is booming and while there are teens, prepubescent males and the older curiosity seeking man or woman who want to know just what Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks like in her birthday suit, hackers will attempt to provide.

Of course Winstead, who blasted the hacker on Twitter and then, somewhat confusingly, got blasted by Twitter denizens in return, was not the only celeb to have her personal blush worthy snaps posted online. She was kept company by Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Adriana Grande…the list goes on to include a staggering 101 naked, or near naked, celebrities who forgot what a bad idea it is to take very personal pics with their iPhones.

That this was an incident “waiting to happen” was pointed out in the Guardian Liberty Voice last December. That was when Apple revealed that Instagram was poised to take on Snapchat and that one of their new competitive weapons was a direct messaging function in Instagram.

At that time it seemed like another celeb scandal waiting to happen, with the general populace of the rich and famous seemingly unable to resist taking risque photos of their personal nudity and sharing it. Even America’s sweetheart and the world’s favorite girl next door, Jennifer Lawrence, cannot stop herself from sending nude photos to iCloud via Apple. In this instance, it does seem appropriate to ask who is zooming who?

Do not be deceived. These pictures are not being posted on the internet because the hacker can, but are instead done so for the hope of earning a few dollars, or in this case bitcoin, that this sleaze hope the punters will pay. It is, like all other things celebrity related all about the money.

While most of the world are standing behind the long list of female artists who have had their secrets posted on the net, at least one individual stood up and stated the obvious before having to quickly backtrack. Who is this truth telling chap? Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) tweeted that just maybe if these stars did not put “nude pics” on their computers they would not be hacked.

This common sense tweet caused the comic/writer/actor to be swiftly Twitter-attacked and he deleted the post immediately. It is this response from the Twitter-verse that, combined with the puzzling reaction that Ms Winstead got on the social website, really has no logic to it. Why was it wrong for the actress to denigrate the individual who spent so long to pull “deleted photos” and then, apparently, equally wrong for Gervais to state the obvious?

As the FBI investigate the hack and Apple send out a swift patch to fix the “problem” with the “Find my iPhone” app that allowed people access to iCloud, Jennifer Lawrence’s rep says they will be taking legal action at this unauthorised exhibit of nudity. So just who is zooming who here? This is not a new problem, just ask other “stars” like Vanessa Hudgens or Scarlett Johansson, for example, who have been previously horrified to learn that their nudity was splashed all over the Internet. Quite possibly Gervais was right in his hastily removed tweet, but then, if all the famous folks stopped sharing their naked pics with one another who will the hackers attack then? Answers on a postcard please…

By Michael Smith





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