Jimmy Fallon Celebrates His 40th Birthday With James Spader and Others


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a special episode tonight, as it is Jimmy Fallon’s 40th birthday and he celebrated it with his guests and audience! Though there was only one guest mentioned officially who was on the show, The Blacklist star James Spader, Fallon mentioned earlier in the week that there would be a special guest star on tonight. Even money had been that the guest would be one of Fallon’s best friends, Justin Timberlake, though the guest turned out not to be him, but Stevie Wonder. Fallon also did his weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy bit and gave his audience members cake and ice cream later in the episode.

The audience gave Jimmy Fallon a standing ovation when he walked out onto the stage and opened up the Tonight Show with his monologue, joking about people and events in the news lately. First, he welcomed the audience to the Tonight Show and told them that it is his 40th birthday.

“Today,” Fallon said, “I will do what I do every year on my birthday. Make a list of people who cross me.” Here are a few of the jokes from the monologue:

“Today, Vice President Joe Biden referred to Asia as ‘the Orient.’ Biden also offended Jewish people, which means he is one ‘Pull My Finger’ away from being my grandpa.”

“This week, Attorney General Eric Holder proposed that whistle blowers get more money,” Jimmy said, showing a TV set with Holder giving a speech on it, and someone in the backgroundwhistling, perhaps to try to get a bit of extra money.

“I heard about a giant panda at the San Diego Zoo who recently had dental surgery,” Fallon said. Hashtag the Panda came out onto the stage and danced around, and Fallon said Hashtag also recently had dental surgery done. He asked him “Are those veneers?” Hashtag, actually a man in a panda costume, did not respond.

Even when the man dressed up as a Hashtag the Panda went backstage, Fallon asked him to dance a few more times. He would say to the audience that he “shouldn’t do it,” but he kept asking him to dance a little bit more.

“It’s time for Tonight Show Superlatives,” Falon said, making jokes about how football players on football cards looked like.


“One of our friends from The Blacklist, James Spader, will be the show tonight!” he said. “Everybody on the Tonight Show got me a special Mystery Guest as my birthday present. Apparently, he, she, or they are behind the curtain right now. Now, it’s time to find out who it is,” Fallon said. A giant birthday cake was rolled out, and out popped a half-naked Seth Rogen! Then, James France popped out, also half-naked, with a pair of handcuffs and said “You’re under arrest!”

“We are not even the real surprise,” Seth said, still half in the cake with Franco. “The real surprise is behind the curtain. Ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Wonder!” Stevie sang a “Happy Birthday” song for Jimmy Fallon. Well, the Mystery Guest was not Justin Timberlake, but Seth, James Franco, and Stevie Wonder made the episode pretty special, on their own.

After a commercial break, the Tonight Show returned and Jimmy Fallon said “You really got me, man! That was the best birthday I’ve ever had. We’re going to come back and Stevie Wonder will sing later in the show. Seth and James Franco wanted me to tell you they’re available for bachelorette parties and bar mitzvahs. Then, did his weekly “Thank You Notes” segment.

Jimmy and the show’s announcer, Steve Higgins, tried their best to crack the keyboard player, James Poyser, up and get him to smile and laugh. Poyser tries to maintain a straight face, but Fallon and Higgins always manage to get him to laugh.

Jimmy Fallon said these, as well as other, “Thank You Notes”:

“Thank you, people who say ‘I can’t even,’ for being people who can’t even finish a sentence.”

“Thank you, moment when people knock on a bathroom stall when you’re in it, for making me think I’m in an actual horror movie.”

“Thank you, meatloaf, for being only a slightly more appetizing name than ‘meat wad,'” he said, concluding the “Thank You Notes” comedy bit. Fallon then announced that James Spader would be his first guest after the next commercial break.

James Spader gave Jimmy Fallon a birthday present, a hardback book. They talked about Spader being Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and how he flew to Comic Con in San Diego and then flew back to do The Blacklist.

“I spend my life going to all sorts of live musical performance, like rock and Jazz; but, Comic Con is like all anticipation, all anticipatory, three days of foreplay. At the very end, nothing happens,” James Spador told Jimmy.

“Yeah, yeah — we can feel it. But, we’re going to go all the way tonight, this is New York City!” Fallon said. He added “All around New York, you are everywhere you look, on posters in buses and on the sides of buses, in the subways, on the sides of buildings, everywhere!”

“This is a giant big deal,” Jimmy said. “Can we say what the season will be like?”

“At the end of the first season,” James Spader said, “everything was all blown up. The second season, relationships were formed and all of the stakes have been raised. The stakes are higher. The first season is streaming on Netflix right now.” Then, Fallon showed a video clip from the show, the one about the “Hellfire missiles” from recent commercials, except it was a slightly longer version.

He said in the clip “Give me what you’ve got, or so help me God, I’ll rain fire down upon you,” and then a missle exploded in a big fireball. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to another commercial break.


“The one and only!” Fallon said after the break, “Stevie Wonder!”

“My brother was born today, a little older but not as handsome as me,” Stevie said, telling Fallon that it was also his brother’s birthday today..

“The first time I heard about you,” Fallon said, “you were called ‘Little Stevie Wonder,’ and you were playing a harmonica.”

“I brought one with me,” Stevie told Fallon, and he brought it out and began jamming on it, then he started to sing.

“What would you do with Mary Had a Little Lamb?” Jimmy asked him.

Stevie then played a funky version of that on the harmonica. Fallon said “That’s a chromatic harmonica, one of the hardest to play. I bought one once, and just wasted my money.”

Fallon related a story about James Poyser forgetting his keyboard, and someone told them that Stevie Wonder was next door. Fallon talked about going over and Poyser played Ebony and Ivory on the keyboard and Fallon sang with Stevie Wonder. He then imitated Paul McCartney and held up the iconic Stevie Wonder album, Songs in the Key of Life.

“You’re going to start a tour in New York City, Fallon said. “I’ll be there November 6! Are you kidding me? Can you get me a ticket?”

“Yes, I’ll get you a ticket; all the way in the back,” Wonder replied, jokingly. Then, he said that Jimmy could go up onto the stage with him during the concert and sing with him, and Jeff Beck would also drop by.

Stevie Wonder asked Fallon what he wanted him to play. Fallon mentioned a few songs, then said “How about Sir Duke?” and Stevie Wonder said “Yeah, I can do that.” Right after another commercial break, Stevie Wonder will be singing that very song.

When the Tonight Show comes back, Jimmy Fallon said, “With a little help from The Roots, singing Sir Duke, once again Stevie Wonder!” Stevie Wonder gave a remarkable performance of this awesome song. Songs in the Key of Life has a ton of great songs on it, like Sir Duke. On the tour, Stevie Wonder will begin in November, he will sing songs from the album as well as his other major hits. It was a really amazing performance!

Except for Jimmy Fallon thanking his guests when the Tonight Show came back from another commercial break, that was basically the end of this special 40th birthday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He handed out plates with cake and ice cream to the audience as the show rolled its credits.

James Spader was Jimmy’s only official guest, other than a Mystery Guest, who turned out to be none other than Stevie Wonder! Stevie Wonder was introduced by comedians and friends, Seth Rogen and James Franco, who both will be in the movie The Interview opening around Christmas. They both popped out of a giant birthday cake, without any shirts on, half naked (who knows — maybe entirely naked), to wish Jimmy Fallon a happy birthday and to introduce Stevie Wonder, who sang “Happy Birthday” to Jimmy and later sing Sir Duke from Songs in the Key of Life. The Guardian Liberty Voice wishes Jimmy Fallon a happy 40th birthday, as well!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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