Jimmy Fallon ‘Flips Lips’ With Billy Crystal


This Thursday, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy’s first guest was the very funny comedian and actor Billy Crystal, and Fallon flips lips with him later in the episode in a “Lip Flip” segment. His second guest, Rose Byrne (This is Where I Leave You), talked about her latest movie. Also appearing on the Tonight Show was chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who did a sushi making demonstration later in the show with Jimmy Fallon and Ahmir-Khalib “Questlove” Thompson of the house band, The Roots.

Jimmy Fallon was greeted to a standing ovation as he walked onto the Tonight Show stage. He began the show wiht his monologue. “During President Obama’s visit to an elementary school recently, a young student asked Obama if he had been in the Civil War. He said ‘No, that was Senator McCain.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon and a member of The Roots, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, did a comedy bit in which their “thoughts” were heard. They both began thinking, out of paranoia, that the other one was a “lizard person,” from some other planet, who could read minds.

Then, Fallon did a joke about Matt Damon agreeing to be in a new Jason Bourne movie. “It is rumored that Matt Damon has plans to do a fourth Bourne movie. The new title is The Baby Bourne Identity.”

Falon did a new comedy segment called “What’s the Beef?” It was about celebrities who were supposedly feuding with each other. a few examples of the “feuds” Fallon mentioned are:

“Lil Wayne and Lil Jon are in a feud about which is littlest.”

“Jeff Daniels and Dave Coulier are having a feud about which person is Jeff Daniels and which is Dave Coulier.”

“Kenye West and God are in a feud over which one is God,” Jimmy Fallon quipped.

“A new study has found that artificial sweeteners in diet sodas might actually increase obesity,” Jimmy Fallon said and joked about people not caring because they will drink it anyway.

Then, Fallon mentioned Chicago’s mayor bet him that if the kids of Chicago read 2.4 million books over the summer, Fallon would go to that city and do a show there. They read 4.7 million, so Jimmy Fallon will go there later and do an episode of the Tonight Show.

After mentioning who tonight’s guest would be and saying that his birthday was tomorrow –he will be 40 — he did a comedy bit he always does on Wednesdays, about hashtags. He thought up the hashtag Worst Birthday Gift Ever and it trended very quickly.

One of the first he read was “My mom gave me a Lite Brite when I was young. She cut the cord so I wouldn’t be electrocuted,” one person tweeted.

Another of the responses Fallon read was “My parents gave me a pencil sharpener in the shape of a dog. To sharpen a pencil, you had to put it in the dog’s rear and bark.”

One of the final ones was “My uncle got me ‘Ghost in a Can.’ It was basically a can you couldn’t open or the ghost would escape.” Jimmy Fallon then announced that after the first commercial break, “We’ll be back with Billy Crystal!”

As Billy Crystal walked out onto the stage, the audience all stood up and applauded him. Music from the TV series Soap was played by The Roots, as Billy played Jody Dallas in it.

Billy Crystal then mentioned his love of the Yankees and going to see Derek Jeter play. Crystal loves baseball, especially the Yankees.

He also said he went to Amsterdam over the summer. Fallon asked him “Why?” and Crystal answered, “Well, there’s pot.”

Crystal told Fallon that he saw him on TV in Amsterdam, with the words translated into Swedish. Fallon told Billy that the tribute he gave at the Emmys for Robin Williams was terrific.

“To try to give Robin Williams a tribute, a eulogy, in two minutes was a task. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to get through it. It’s not even two months, and just saying ‘he was’ is hard for me.”

Jimmy Fallon then told his own story about Robin Williams, being on a bus full of other comedians like Danny DeVito. A bomb sniffing dog came over to the bus with its handler, and Robin Williams said “I hope there’s no copies of any of my movies on this bus.”

“Last time you came on the show, we did a thing called ‘Lip Flip.’ I wanted to do the same thing while we discuss this book,” Fallon said, referring to the book, Still Foolin’ ’em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?, that Crystal had written. Crystal used Fallon’s mouth to make jokes and he was getting Fallon to crack up. Fallon did the same with his lips transposed onto Crystal’s face. “Want to hear me tell a joke — in Dutch? Huh?” Crystal had Fallon “say.” The camera went to Billy Crystal, and Fallon tried to say the Dutch words that had been on the TV screen image Crystal had shown minutes earlier.

Finally, the Tonight Show had to cut to more commercials. Jimmy told the audience that everybody there would be given a copy of Billy Crystal’s book, Still Foolin’ ’em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?


My next guest is making her Broadway debut in the play “You Can’t Take It With You,” ladies and gentlemen, Rose Byrnes!”

“Thank you for having me, and happy birthday!” she told him.

“This must be exciting!” Fallon said about the play.

“Yes; James Earl Jones is in the play,” she answered.
“It’s a comedy, right?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said.

Jimmy told her he might go see the Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Pulitzer-winning Broadway play. Then, he said that there were a lot of other stars in the movie This is Where I Leave You, like Jason Bateman, Tina Faye, Adam Driver and Jane Fonda. The movie is about a Jewish family who cannot leave the house for seven days because they are sitting Sivah after the death of the patriarch of the family.

Rose said that she was terrible at ice skating but she could go backwards really well. She also will be in the remake of Annie coming out around Christmas with Jamie Fox.

“It’s a funny movie, a heartwarming but a very funny movie; This is Where I Leave You. Here’s a clip, in theaters tomorrow.” The short clip was pretty funny. She was talking to Jason Bateman’s character and was very open with him, as she was on antidepressants at the time and drugged up.


Up next, Jimmy Fallon made sushi with chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Fallon said that Nobu had 32 restaurants all round the world. “Please welcome chef Nobu Matsuhisa!”

Nobu gave them chef clothes and hats. In return, Questlove gave him a FUBU hat, which he put on. Nobu then asked Fallon and Questlove to drink a shot of saki, which they did. After that, Fallon challenged Nobu to s sushi making contest. First, though, Nobu had to show him how to make a small piece of sushi.

“I have a Band-aid on this finger,” Fallon said, holding the sushi in his hand which had that particular finger as the audience groaned and then laughed, as, of course, preparing food when one has a Band-aid on his or her finger is not the most hygienic practice in the world.

“Okay, here we go! Wet Band-aid! Let’s do this!” Jimmy said. They all made sushi, including Questlove. They clock kept ticking down. Fallon and Questlove gave it a go, but they were clearly having problems in comparison with chef Nobu.

“Look at chef Nobu,” Nobu said. “This is quite brilliant. C’mon, nobody can beat you! You’re the best,” Fallon said and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from the break, Fallon thanked all of his guests for appearing and that was basically the end of the episode. It was another fantastic episode and tomorrow night’s episode should be pretty funny, also, especially as he will celebrate his 40th birthday on it and have cake and ice cream for everyone in the audience. He mentioned on Wednesday that there will also be a “Mystery Guest” on the episode.

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had on the incomparable Billy Crystal as his first guest. Crystal, alone, would have made this a great episode. But, then Fallon’s second guest was actress Rose Byrne, who is one of the stars of a comedy movie that is opening on Friday, This is Where I Leave You, and she also was an awesome guest. Chef Nobu demonstrated his sushi-making skills and easily beat Fallon and Questlove in a contest in which they all made sushi. Be sure to tune in tomorrow and watch Friday night’s Tonight Show!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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