Jimmy Fallon Gets Struck Out by Little League Pitcher Mo’ne Davis [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

It’s Friday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! WOO-HOO! Fallon’s first guest was acclaimed actress, Claire Danes, of the hit TV series Homeland. His second guest tonight was Little League pitching sensation, Mo’ne Davis, who Fallon will play wiffle ball with, badly.  Jimmy’s musical guest was the band Fences, featuring singer Macklemore. Also, as it is Friday, Jimmy Fallon did his very funny “Thank You Notes,” segment after his monologue.

Jimmy Fallon opened up the show by welcoming his audience to the Tonight Show. Then, he said “Happy birthday” to Chris Christie, who will turn 52 tomorrow. “No, no; you’re supposed to blow out the candles before you eat it,” he said.

Fallon said that Chris Christie was in Mexico and had plans to export natural gas. When asked how he would do that, he said “Burritos, enchiladas…”

Jimmy Fallon then cracked a joke about one of the favorite personalities he has to poke fun of, Mayor Rob Ford, saying “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back in the news after he dropped out of two debates earlier this weekend. Something come up in his schedule: 1. Get High 2.Punch a Fire Hydrant.”

“Researchers have discovered a new type of sea creature that kind of looks like a mushroom. It also kind of resembles a…let’s say a mushroom,” Fallon said, though it also resembled a certain part of the male anatomy as it swam in the brief video clip he showed.

“Also in the news — one of the pandas in China faked a pregnancy in order to get more food,” he continued.

Then, Fallon mentioned that “A company called Woosh in Washington has developed a cannon to shoot fish over a dam.” He joked that they must be smoking pot at the company.

“Everybody, it’s Friday!” Jimmy Fallon said after the monologue. He then said that Clair Danes from Homeland will be a guest, as well as Little League star pitcher, Mo’ne Davis. We’re going to talk to her and then she’s going to try to strike me out.”

“Oh, yeah — try!” said announcer Stave Higgins.

Then, it was time for Jimmy Fallon’s weekly “Thank You Notes” comedy segment. He began it by writing and then saying out loud, “Thank you, clouds, for sometimes looking like animals. Thank you, iCloud, for sometimes looking like naked celebrities.”

Fallon went on, saying “Thank you, Ariana Grande, for having a name that sounds like a Starbucks order.’

Continuing, he said “Thank you, cattails, for being nature’s corn dogs.”

“Thank you, Uber,” Fallon went on, “for combining the safety of charging your credit card whenever you want with the safety of driving with strangers.”

“Thank you, pencil sharpeners, for always making a good point,” he said.

One of the last “Thank You Notes” that Jimmy Fallon wrote was “Thank you, yoga, for improving my memory, to make me remember how much I hate doing yoga.”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to a commercial break. When it came back, Fallon introduced his first guest of the evening, Claire Dane, who Fallon mentioned won multiple Golden Globes.

“Welcome to the show; you look gorgeous. Last time I saw you, you were pregnant,” Fallon said.

“He’s 12 months old now and ambulatory,” she said.

“Have you ever successfully folded up a stroller?” Fallon asked her.

“No,” she said, going on to mention that “Mom had a preschool day care in our home.” For a couple of minutes or so, Claire related how it was like growing up in a house with a bunch of other little kids who were at her mom’s preschool

They also talked about the TV series My So-Called Life that Claire was in several years ago, playing Angela Chase. My So-Called Life did not last for very long, but it is now celebrating the 20th year it premiered.

“A lot of people don’t know that you starred in a sitcom with Dudley Moore,” Jimmy Fallon mentioned.

“Yes, it was called Dudley. It was kind of how you’d imagine Dudley Moore would be, kind of drunk all of the time,” she said.

Then, Jimmy Fallon and Claire Danes talked about her character in Homeland. She called her character “the Drone Queen.” She added that they are on hiatus and have four more episodes yet to go.

Jimmy Fallon

After the Tonight Show returned from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest, Little League World Series pitcher Mo’ne Davis. “We’re joined now by one of today’s brightest young stars, Mo’ne Davis!”

“The first day of school — was that yesterday?” Fallon asked the star pitcher.

“Yes, it was okay,” she said.

“I bet your parents are so proud of you,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“Yeah, yeah; they are,” Mo’ne answered.

“Do you know any famous musicians from South Philly?” he asked. The Roots are from South Philly.

“Yes, I do,” Mo’ne said, as The Roots collectively made the “raise the roof” gesture.

“You have a little superstition — you have money in your back pocket.” Fallon said. Mo’ne talked about enjoying eating either Philly cheese steaks or pizza after games.

“Have you seen our show before? Do you like it?

“Yes; I’ve seen it,” Mo’ne answered him.

“Half of the time on the show we do random dances,” Fallon said. He got up, then Mo’ne did also, to dance in place.

“You’re the first girl ever to pitch a game in Little League World history,” Jimmy Fallon said. “And, you’re the first girl to ever pitch a shutout in Little League World history.”

Jimmy Fallon

“If you strike me out, I’ll buy you a cheese steak the next time I’m in Philly,” Fallon told her. “If you don’t, then you buy me one.” Fallon said. The deal struck, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Announcer Steve Higgins, catcher Scott Bandura, host Jimmy Fallon and pitcher Mo’ne Davis of the Taney Dragons played wiffle ball after the commercial break. Scott Bandura has been Mo’ne’s catcher ever since they were both seven. Fallon had them do another “Random Dance.” Steve Higgins was the umpire calling balls and strikes.Fallon put on a red batting helmet and got ready for business.

“Whoever wins — gets a — cheese steak!” Fallon said, right in Mo’ne’s face.

“That was aggressive — that was aggressive,” Fallon said after the first pitch. He had Mo’ne pitch to him 10 times. Whoever would either get the most strikes or hits would be declared the winner and be owed a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Fallon kept missing the ball; then, he took off his suit jacket but he still kept missing. Mo’ne threw fire, even with plastic wiffle balls. Then, Fallon mockingly charged the mound.

Jimmy Fallon

Fallon said that after the next commercial break, his musical guest, the band Fences, featuring Macklemore, would be there and perform. They performed the song Arrows from their latest album, Lesser Oceans, produced by Ryan Lewis, that will be due out soon, on October 14th. It was an awesome song — the lead singer of Fences, Christopher Mansfield, was all tatted out and wore a black hat as he sang. Macklemore did the rapping part of the song. He was wearing a black leather jacket as he rapped.

What a terrific Friday night episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! His guests, Claire Danes from Homeland and Mo’ne Davis, the Little League pitching sensation from the Taney Dragons, were Fallon’s entertaining guests tonight. Fallon did his funny “Thank You Notes”, as well. Not only that, but Fences, featuring Macklemore, rocked the joint out performing Arrows.  More great shows are in store next week!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Mo’ne Davis Striking Out Jimmy Fallon in Wiffle Ball

NBC Media Village
YouTube Video of Mo’ne Davis Striking Jimmy Fallon Out

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