Jimmy Fallon Lip Synch Battles With Blake and Gwen [Video]

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, Fallon’s first guest was actor Liam Neeson, whose new movie is A Walk Among the Tombstones. His second guest was director and Monty Python star, Terry Gilliam! Also, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani of The Voice stopped by to do a Lip Synch Battle, and Fallon’s musical guest was Tim McGraw.

Jimmy Fallon opened the Tonight Show with his monologue. Here are a couple of his jokes, paraphrased: “Hillary Clinton supporters are calling her to be more herself. Some of her recent appearances have seemed too scripted. ‘I don’t know what you mean by that,’ she said, ‘(Shrug) (Shake your head).'”

Fallon then showed a video clip of him interviewing Tim McGraw yesterday and reading off songs that Tim had written, along with made-up silly songs. He asked Tim if he wrote each one or not. It was a pretty funny clip.

“Finally, two mechanics have been arrested for smuggling pot in a Vatican car. The Pope said, ‘Man, this exhaust is great!'”

Fallon said that Friday will be his birthday. He will be 40 years old. He will serve ice cream cake and there will be a Mystery Guest –“I have no idea who it is,” he said.

Fallon then said who tonight’s guests will be, Liam Neeson, Terry Gilliam, and Tim McGraw. He mentioned that there will be a “special treat” tonight, “a Lip Synch Battle with two musical stars,” Blake Shelton and Gwne Stefani.

Then, Jimmy Fallon showed real newscasters announcing only “good news” items. He called the comedy segment “Good New/Good News.” Then, the Tonight Show went to its first break of the night.


After the commercials, Jimmy Fallon was joined for the Lip Synch Battle by two of the coaches from The Voice, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. They will take turns lip synching parts of well known songs.

Blake Shelton went first. He said “I, Blake Shelton, will be performing Putting on the Ritz by Taco. He did GREAT! Then, he even danced to a part of the song!

Jimmy Fallon went next. “The song that I’m doing tonight is by Ellie Goulding. It’s called Burned.” He was fantastic, himself, and did all sorts of gestures and dance movements.

Gwen Stefani was the third to go. She said “My first selection is from a very talented singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, and it’s called Call Me Maybe.” She did the best so far, of course, doing exactly the sorts of dance movements that Jepsen would probably do.

Blake kicked off the second and last round. “My next song is a little something I like to call Nothing Will Stop Us Now by Starship.” He did not do quite as well with it, but he was still great, and the audience clapped along as he lip synched the song.

Jimmy Fallon was up again. “Here’s my second song. It’s by one of my favorite comedians, Spike Jones. It’s called Cocktails for Two.” It was uber funny; excellent job by Fallon!

Then, Gwen Stefani said “Our final, final song of the evening is Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.” Gwen did the Richie part, and Blake stepped in to sing the Diana Ross lines. It was hilarious!

After another commercial break, action actor Liam Neeson was Jimmy’s first guest. Among other subjects, Neeson talked about his latest movie, A Walk Among the Tombstones. Jimmy said it will open in theaters Friday, “and it’s good!”

“Liam Neeson, we love you, and I love you!” Fallon told him.

“You have like nine movies coming out,” Fallon continued. “Do you take any time off?”

“I take off June and July and go fly fishing,” Neeson answered. He went to Utah with his son and climbed about 2,5000 feet.

“My son told me, ‘Dad, don’t look down!’ and of course, I did. I really do have a fear of heights. That was called ‘Mollie’s Nipple.'” Liam was referring to the actual name of the mountain he and his son had ascended.

“My first film was called Trains of Ireland,” Liam said. It was seen on PBS here.

“Big hit, big, big hit,” Fallon said. He had a short clip of it which he showed. Neeson was much younger and dressed in an old-fashioned red-and-white-striped one-piece swimsuit.

Liam said he had just finished filming Taken 3, and the audience applauded. A Walk Among the Tombstones is “gritty” Liam said, and Fallon agreed, calling it also “creepy.” Fallon then showed a video clip from the movie. It looks like it will be very suspenseful and, as Jimmy Fallon said, creepy.


“Our next guest is a founding member of Monty Python besides being a fine director. Please welcome our friend, Terry Gilliam!”

When Terry came onto the stage, he and Fallon danced together, a Tango, possibly. Fallon mentioned about Monty Python doing a tour and he showed a Live Stream of everybody from the touring show.

“It was quite extraordinary! I was against it,” Terry said. “I had a lot of fear and trepidation, but the audience was really fantastic. I think there’s a DVD coming out shortly, in November.”

Then, Fallon asked him about The Zero Theorem, and Terry told him they managed to make it “for a fraction of what the original price would have been.” That is, he shot it for less than what it had been estimated to cost, because he got the actors to all work for just scale wages. The brilliant actor, Christof Waltz (Qohen Leth), is one of the actors in it, as is Robin Williams, in an uncredited role as a Church of Batman the Redeemer Billboard Spokesman.

When the Tonight Show came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced country musician Tim McGraw, who performed a song from his latest album. Sundown Heaven Town. It is now streaming on iTunes. McGraw, wearing a black cowboy hat, as usual for him, got the audience pumped up and did a great job singing the song. After the song, Fallon walked over and shook hands with McGraw and said that the album is in stores right now.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Lip Synch Battles With Blake and Gwen

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