Jimmy Fallon Plays Pool Bowling With Hugh Jackman [video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, his first guest was actor Hugh Jackman, who played Pool Bowling with Jimmy. He is also currently starring in the Broadway play, “The River.” The second guest of the evening was actor Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation). Race car driver Jimmie Johnson stopped by for a Cooler-Scooter race backstage at the studio and the musical guest was Luke Bryan!

Due to technical difficulties, this is more of an abbreviated recap/review, touching on a few of the highlights of last night’s Tonight Show. It was a great show, with one of the earlier humorous bits being the members of the Tonight Show‘s band, The Roots, filmed in Slo-Mo shaking their heads back and forth to Taylor Swift’s hit, Shake It Up.

Jimmy Fallon

Race car driver Jimmie Johnson had a brief guest appearance on the Tonight Show to race Fallon in a Cooler-Scooter race. The Tonight Show‘s announcer, Steve Higgins, started the race by waving a checkered flag. They raced the Cooler-Scooters backstage and ended up on the main stage. Though it was a very close race, Jimmy Fallon won!

Hugh Jackman was Fallon’s first guest of the episode. His hair and beard were cropped short presumably for his role in the play, Jez Butterworth’s “The River.” It is a play that only has three characters in it and lasts just 80 minutes. He told Fallon that he had gone to see Al Pacino in a play at the same theater with his wife when he was younger, standing room only. Somehow, his wife managed to fall asleep during the play. Jackman said that he met Pacino after the play and the actor signed a poster from the play for him. He told Jimmy that he, also, stays around after he is in a play to sign autographs.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Jackman played a new game, which Fallon called Pool Bowling. They both stood on what looked like the top of a giant pool table, and played pool but without any cues, throwing the cue ball at other balls to try to knock them into the pockets. The first person to get three balls in would be declared the winner.

Jimmy got to break the balls by throwing the cue ball at them after Hugh racked them. The cue ball literally broke one of the other balls because of the impact. Chips came off of the ball, but they continued to play.

The game lasted longer than it seemed Jimmy Fallon had anticipated that it would, with neither player doing very well. Fallon finally managed to sink one ball into a pocket and he got three in before Hugh Jackman could get even two ball into the pockets, so Fallon was the winner of the game.

Jimmy Fallon

Nick Offerman was the second guest of the Tonight Show. He was pretty funny and talked about a new paperback book he ha published recently. Everyone in the audience got to take home a copy of it. He told Jimmy Fallon that he had attended the University of Illinois and he had gone back not long ago to build a gazebo there, among other things.

Finally, Jimmy Fallon’s musical guest was Luke Bryan. Luke sang a sang off of his latest album, Crash My Party. Luke, along with Lee Brice, set a record at Soldier’s Field in Chicago for the most people who have ever attended a country music show at 225,000.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was a pretty funny episode, and having basically two games in it was something rarely, if ever, done by Fallon before. The Pool Bowling game and the Cooler-Scooter race were definitely highlights of the episode, as was Luke Bryan performing. Hopefully, tonight’s episode will be great, also!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Pool Bowling With Hugh Jackman/Courtesy of NBC and the Tonight Show

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