Joan Rivers: Beloved Even in Death


Joan Rivers, a charming, comedic star, died yesterday at the age of 81, leaving behind a legacy as a beloved personality – even in death. Following her unexpected passing, fans and loved ones have been left to grieve and her death has also caused some upheaval. Now, after decades of representation, Hollywood is trying to determine what to do with the remains of the shows that she will no longer be able to star in.

It is no doubt to many that Rivers was an amazing woman. Known for multitasking and making people laugh, Rivers has had a big hand in Hollywood for nearly all of her life. She has worked beside most of the top celebrities, from Johnny Carson to Dolly Parton to Oprah Winfrey and more. Her most famous show was self-named The Joan Rivers Show, which won her a daytime Emmy in 1990. Some of the other well-known shows that Rivers starred in are Fashion Police, The Late Show with Joan Rivers  and Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

Even in death, the beloved Rivers has been circulating the globe with the things she left behind. Fans are watching and buying her shows everywhere, but TV stardom and stand-up comedy are not the only things that she has been remembered for. According to Amazon, Rivers’ book, Diary of a Mad Diva, has soared in sales by more than 70,000 percent. The book, which many deemed controversial, was Rivers’ second book, following I Hate Everyone..Starting With Me, which has also rose in sales following Rivers’ unexpected death.

It was an ordinary day for Rivers when she went in to receive a minor elective procedure at a clinic only a mile from a hospital. The procedure was supposedly a routine vocal cord surgery, during which she stopped breathing and suffered from respiratory and cardiac arrest. She was transported to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was placed in a medically-induced coma. Rivers remained in the intensive care unit of the hospital until days ago when doctors determined that she was no longer in critical condition. Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, gave few details following her mother’s transfer to a private room, though the family seemed hopeful as their statement reflected, when they said they were “keeping [their] fingers crossed.”

The reason for the lack of details surrounding Joan Rivers’ death is unclear. It was announced to the public that Joan Rivers was taken off life support yesterday. Because of how sudden her death was, investigators have been looking into the clinic where she was being treated before being rushed to the hospital. A woman told reporters that security inside the clinic following her death was very high.

An autopsy is also being performed to determine the exact cause of death. So far, it has been inconclusive.

The funeral is currently set to take place on Sunday. Joan Rivers’ hope for the turnout was expressed in her book when she wrote, “Lights, cameras, action…I want craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene.” Fans and family are sure that Joan Rivers’ funeral will be an event, as she is beloved even in death.

By Crystal Boulware

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