Josh Hutcherson Defends Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Privacy

Joshn Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson has come to Jennier Lawrence’s defence for her privacy over the nude photos. He spoke to reporters while promoting his new movie Escobar: Paradise Lost at Toronto’s International Film Festival. The actor was allegedly a victim of a nude photo hack last year, so understands everything his Hunger Games co-star is going through.

Rather than defend her right to take nude photos, the actor defended her right to privacy. While actors may be in the public eye for their films, it does not mean that people have a right to know everything about their private lives. Acting is a job for them, and they are still people when they go home from that job.

Hutcherson attacked the media and social media for constantly breaching the privacy of celebrities. He explained that acting was something he always wanted to do, and he started when he was just nine years old. At that time he never considered the privacy aspect or any scandals. Like any nine year old, he just wanted to do something that he loved; and that was acting. It turned out that he was good at it, and he could make a career from it.

The words come after some people have defended the hacker. Some believe that since actors are in the public eye, they have a duty to practice what they preach in their private lives. These people also believe that actors should share everything they do in their private lives, including who they date and their pastimes. Hutcherson went on to explain how he was defending Lawrence’s right to keep her nude photos private.

The Hunger Games actor did admit that actors have to be accountable to the public when they are out. There is the public recognition, but that does not mean the things they do in the privacy of their own homes should be looked at. Private photos and information like what has been stolen from Lawrence should not be stolen. He even went as far to say that there is an element of being stalked by having photos like this stolen and made public.

Ricky Gervais came under fire when he made a joke on Twitter about storing private photos like this on computers. While he defended his statement as a joke, many believed it was poor form. Some agreed with the sentiment, but that fell short when someone point out that it was only like having bank information stolen because someone hacked an online banking account.

Lawrence is yet to speak about the stolen photos. So far, only her publicist has stepped forward to admit that the photos were the American Hustle star’s photos. Fans have applauded the decision for the publicist and actress to admit to the photos. It shows that the 24-year-old is not embarrassed by them, and really is just like those who watch her movies.

The Hunger Games co-stars are still close, although they have not spoken since the release of the nude photos. However, the Journey to the Center of the Earth actor knows how she feels, and knows that everyone has to deal with scandals like this in their own way. Despite this, Hutcherson has come to Lawrence’s defence when it comes to the right to privacy to take nude photos.

By Alexandria Ingham


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