The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Day One Karaoke Night

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Karaoke Night

By the end of day one of The Vampire Diaries Official Convention there was a Karaoke night in the main theater where Micah Parker, Chase Coleman and Paul Telfer all participated in the event after the end of day one. Names of volunteers, along with songs, were given to organizers and when their names and song title appeared on the screens on each side of the stage they went up to perform with the three actors.

The event began at nine o’clock p.m. and the three men who had been signing autographs, answering questions, meeting and greeting fans as well as doing photo ops stayed on to entertain the crowd. While it can be argued that the energy required to do all their daytime convention duties were not all that taxing, it should be remembered that Micah is hosting the event and was on and off the stage all day.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Karaoke Night
Chase Coleman, “Working the crowd.”

Watching this trio of seemingly indefatigable men pull out the stops to entertain the large amount of female fans, and the few males, was impressive. Just as impressive was the fact that they all looked to be having the time of their lives. At 29, Chase Coleman kept his energy level very high, performing with a heavy metal type of movement on the stage.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Karaoke Night
Chase, Micah, Paul and a volunteer.

At 34, Paul Telfer was a little less energetic, but he was no less enthusiastic in his efforts to support those happy volunteers who got up on stage last night to sing karaoke with the three men. Out of the three actors who appeared at the official convention on day one, both Scottish actor Paul Telfer and Micah Parker represented The Vampire Diaries while Coleman was there for The Originals.

Regardless of which performer worked on what show, the entertainment factor was high enough to keep the crowd cheering and applauding all the folks on stage. Songs ran from the odd Madonna hit, to some pretty epic raps. There was a partial audience”sing-a-long” session to Girl Got Back as well as another one for the Creedence hit Proud Mary.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Karaoke Night
From left to right: Micah, Chase and Paul.

At the back of the theater room a small bar sold beer and a couple of cocktails. The bartender explained to anyone who read the advertisement that one of the drinks was sweet and the other strong. At least one customer ascertained that strong was not quite accurate, “very strong” was the description provided at no cost.

Fans at the convention knew that Micah Parker, he played Adrian in The Vampire Diaries, was looking forward to the karaoke event later; he said so several times. A couple of volunteers who have worked the convention before also confirmed that the 25 year-old actor gets a kick out doing the sing-a-longs.

Anyone watching the performances and the crowd of happy fans would have been hard pressed to tell which group were having the most fun. Certainly Coleman, Parker and Telfer were the more obvious choice in that they were on stage and clearly having a blast. However, the crowd also seemed to be having the time of their lives watching the trio and the volunteers who hopped up on stage with them.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Karaoke Night
Micah Parker, convention host and Karaoke performer extraordinaire.

Karaoke night at the end of day one of The Vampire Diaries Official Convention was a success all around. Although, a couple of the actor’s may have been a little hoarse the morning after. Chase himself admitted that at one point in the evening his “voice exploded.” The karaoke event was free to all and great noisy fun. It is no wonder that Parker, Coleman and Telfer are so popular with the fans. It should be pointed out that Micah Parker seemed to suffer no ill effects from singing his heart out the night before on day two of the convention.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Sarah Meade   September 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    I was wondering if you had anymore pics from the TVDVEGAS Convention karaoke night?? I was the one who sang “baby got back” and I was hoping you maybe had more pictures of me on stage with them?? I was by myself at the convention so I did not have anyone to take pics for me.


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