Kaley Cuoco and Her ‘Nude’ Pictures

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Nude pictures of Kaley Cuoco? Perhaps not. A recent beach outing in Mexico with her husband has brought forth the highly pixellated photo you see below, and no it was not a part of the huge hacking scandal going on in Hollywood. It is the star’s way of saying how silly it is for celebrities to feel that they have more rights than anyone else when it comes to posting intimate pictures on the internet. The Big Bang Theory star seems to have a good head on her shoulders with a true sense of humor. Maybe this is her response to being on Hollywood’s list of elites and all the drama that has come along with it.

It is uncertain how those who had their privacy violated by the recent photo hacker will react, but fans that believe that if someone puts a photo out on the internet, it is going to be seen, will certainly enjoy Cuoco’s little joke. It is obvious that neither Cuoco or her husband Ryan Sweeting are actually naked, but it was a fairly good Photoshop job. She should have blurred out her bikini top straps, which might have really gotten the fans going.

What better way to enjoy a vacation than to frolic on the beach and turn those candid photos into something the internet world will go crazy for? The picture seen here was posted to the star’s Instagram account with the caption, “it feels like we’re missing something.” So far the response has all been positive, and the fans are loving it.

Although Cuoco was one of the stars named in the hacking scandal, no true nude photos of her have surfaced. Could this be her way of addressing the whole issue? It is not clear, but her timing is impeccable and it is nice that she can make the fans smile in the midst of such serious allegations. This just lends credence to the fact that some of the pictures may indeed be fake.

At just 28-years-old, the actress seems to be taking the whole issue in stride – keeping her head up and carrying on. Cuoco has been in the spotlight for a number of years, with her starring role on 8 Simple Rules with the late John Ritter, making her a household name, to her current role on the mega hit The Big Bang Theory. She has been acting since the age of six, and her level of maturity is evident in the way in which she has addressed the issue with grace and humor. This attitude is making her pixelated picture one of the fans favorite fake photos.

With less than one year of marriage under her belt, Cuoco and her husband are doing a great job of keeping the limelight on the positive instead of the negative. Her bubbly personality seems to run from her professional to her personal life, and was probably one of the contributing factors for her getting a gig doing Barbie ads when she was younger. Cuoco may be named on the hacker’s list, but she remains one of the only of those listed that has remained calm. It is said that she is friends with most everyone she meets in Hollywood. She also keeps in contact and remains close friends with her 8 Simple Rules co-stars, as well as being known as one of Hollywood’s most down to earth actresses.

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    Good going, Kaley.


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