Kate Middleton Is Pregnant for the Second Time

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is pregnant for the second time, according to Buckingham Palace officials. The Duchess of Cambridge has been surrounded in pregnancy rumors all summer, after they allegedly agreed that the time was right to try for a second baby.

Clarence House released a statement to confirm that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. The bundle of joy will be a brother or sister for Prince George. The Queen is reportedly delighted at a second great-grandchild from the second-in-line to the throne. Whatever the gender, this baby will become fourth-in-line, pushing Prince Harry down another notch.

It seems that Middleton is suffering from morning sickness, as she did with her first pregnancy. The official term is hyperemesis gravidarum, and can leave expectant mothers struggling to even drink water. It can mean a hospital stay, as the Duchess experienced the first time, so that the expectant mother can receive supplementary nutrients and hydration.

She is currently at her Kensington Palace home, where she will be treated by her own doctors for the time being. She will remain here, and will not attend any of the previously booked engagements with her husband, Prince William. Considering the severity of the sickness that can occur, it is understandable that she must put her unborn baby first.

There is currently no confirmation of how far along she is. All that has been confirmed so far is that Middleton is pregnant for the second time, and going through similar morning sickness to the first pregnancy. It is possible that she has been forced to confirm the pregnancy sooner than she would like considering she is not attending any of the official engagements. There would be too many questions surrounding her lack of appearance, and it would just lead to further rumors; rumors that the Royal Family would not likely want.

Rumors about a second pregnancy started months ago, while the two were on tour in New Zealand and Australia. She proved that she was not expecting at the time by enjoying delicious wine from a vineyard that she and Prince William were visiting.

Shortly after that, an alleged source came forward to say that she was expecting a second child. This was just before Prince George’s first birthday, and had many on the lookout for signs.

However, it was clear that these could have been fabricated rumors. The source was someone who was no longer in Middleton’s trusted circle of friends. Nobody else was coming forward with any news.

At the same time, the royal couple reportedly spoke about trying for a second baby. It seemed like a year after the birth of their first child was perfect.

Now many will want to know whether this will take over the media, especially around the due date. When Prince George was born, there was a media circus waiting to hear if the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth. A major question surrounded the gender of the baby, after the new law that was being passed in case the baby was a girl. The gender will not likely be such a talking point as officials confirm that Middleton is pregnant with her second child.

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