The Strain: The Disappeared (Recap and Review)

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The Strain: The Disappeared (Recap and Review)

After last week’s episode of The Strain, Creatures of the Night, where the infected Jim Kent was shot by the newest member of the group, no one is clamoring to join the Vassily Fet fan club in The Disappeared. Eph and his crew race home to check on his ex-wife Kelly and son Zach and just before the van arrives the boy has discovered that his mother’s boyfriend has turned into a monster. His father arrives in enough time to save Zach from infection and he dispatches the now turned Matt.

After checking that the boy is okay, the group fan out to search for Kelly. Eph is still upset at Vassily for killing Jim and neither the doctor nor Nora trust the exterminator. Fet is not fazed by this attitude. Meanwhile Gus and his infected friend are still in jail and in the process of leaving the facility where he has been told that Felix will be helped by doctors.

As Fet eats, he reminds Nora that if they had handled Kent “their way” all of them would now be dead. Setrakian also reminds the woman that infected victims are lost and cannot be saved except by being killed. The group split up, Goodweather stays with Nora in the hope that Kelly will return home. Zach goes with Abraham, Vassily and the blonde woman from the convenience store/gas station.

They stop by the woman’s house and she realizes that her roommate and friend has taken all her money, but did leave a gun which she puts in her coat pocket. As the exterminator and the woman go through the house, Zach stays in the van with Setrakian. Abraham explains that Kelly’s boyfriend came after the boy because he loved him. In The Strain: The Disappeared the infection has moved closer to home.

Eph’s son is worried about his mother, even though he told his father to let Kelly know that he and Diane are angry with her. Abraham relieves more memories of his time in the death camp with Eichorst. As Vassily and the girl sit in the apartment an infected neighbor comes in and the exterminator saves her life.

The little group head back to Setrakian’s shop where, as he said earlier, he has “plans on what to do next.” He leads then through a hidden entrance to his basement. The woman dubs the place Ab’s “batcave” and the old man gives Zach a book to read that he says will help the boy.

Fet says that there must be humans helping the strigoi and Setrakian agrees explaining that the people who help The Master do it for power. Vassily borrows a gun and tells the shopkeeper that he is going home to pick up a few things, but that he will be back.

As Eph and Nora prepare Matt’s body he speculates about whether Kelly injured the infected man before she disappeared. Back at the shop, the blonde tells Abraham that Eldritch Palmer hired her to shut down the internet. She also reveals that she met Eichorst and the old man asks her if she can undo what she’s done.

Setrakian remembers his first dealings with The Master when the creature broke his fingers and informed him that God could not help him. Back to the present, the infected Felix turns in the back of the correction’s van and causes the vehicle to crash when he attacks the driver.

The strain of dealing with Matt and worry about her mother causes Nora and Eph to finally turn to one another for solace and as their passion overflows, Felix is shot in the head by Gus. He then escapes the prison van after handing the keys to the remaining prisoners. Abraham and Zach wait for Eph to return and Setrakian remembers escaping the death camp.

Kelly’s friend Diane walks in on Nora and Eph and he warns her to get out of town while she threatens Nora not to hurt Kelly. Eph is reunited with Zach and Nora with her mother. The boy asks his dad if he burned Matt’s body.

The Strain: The Disappeared ends with Eichorst removing the silver bullet Eph put in his leg and remembering his own escape from the Allied forces that freed the death camp. The show ends with the nazi being infected by The Master and the creature finally removes the hood and its face is the thing of nightmares.

By Michael Smith