Revenge Season Four Is All About Victoria Against Emily [Spoilers]


Revenge season four is reportedly all about Victoria against Emily to get her back for the season three finale. The last the Greyson matriarch was seen was in an insane asylum after being fooled by Emily, and shouting out that Emily was really Amanda Clarke. To the doctors, she came across as crazy, but it is the truth. Now many want to know whether Emily’s real identity will be shared with the rest of the cast.

At the same time, people want to know about the other twist at the end of the season. David Clarke is alive. After three seasons of believing he was dead and only seeing him in flashbacks, he has appeared just in time to kill Conrad, who escaped prison with the help of a guard. Well, people hope that Conrad was killed. There is a strong possibility that he will be found as David left him for dead in the middle of the road.

The tagline for this season is “what goes around, comes around…” indicating that it will be all about Victoria’s revenge against Emily. Victoria still believes that her arch-nemesis was the reason for love Pascal’s death. To get her own back, she killed Aiden and that led to her finally ending up in the insane asylum.

A recent teaser trailer has shared insights into season four of Revenge, and it is clear it is all about Victoria against Emily. Victoria shares how her life has been turned upside down because of this intruder, and how this is the person who needs to pay. It makes sense to believe this, considering everything seemed to change after Emily first appeared in their lives.

There are others to look into throughout the season. The end of season three had Jack in handcuffs after his involvement in the kidnapping of Charlotte Greyson. However, it appears that he is becoming friendly with a cop and some spoilers show that he may even become a police officer. How does that happen considering he has been arrested? And what will this mean for Emily?

Daniel is also going to find himself on the wrong side of the law. The last he was seen was waking up next to a dead girl, who had presumably overdosed. It was all at the hands of Gideon, but the question is how this will change Daniel. He was certainly becoming a darker character last season, especially after splitting from Emily, but will this take him over the deep-end?

There is a promise that viewers will get to see the ways that each cast member will react when they see David Clarke is alive. Those who expected a happy reunion between father and daughter may be disappointed, as spoilers hint that there will be much more between them. For one, Emily is likely going to be very angry that she believed he was dead all this time.

There are many changes this season, but the plot of getting people back is still going to be there in some way. Season four of Revenge is going to be all about Victoria’s plan against Emily after the season three finale.

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