Kate Upton Confirms Leak of Nude Photos by Alleged Hacker



Kate Upton is no stranger to sexually provocative photographs. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model makes her living routinely exposing her body for the viewing public. However, Upton, like most people, still feels that she is entitled to her privacy. The 22 year-old actress/model is the latest celebrity to confirm that some of her nude photos were leaked by an alleged hacker. On Sunday, an irate Jennifer Lawrence was the first celebrity to confirm that she was a victim of the leak. Lawrence and Upton are the first in what will likely be a long list of celebrities to confirm their private nude photos were accessed illegally and leaked. There are currently reports that other potential victims include Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others.

Lawrence Shire, the supermodel’s attorney, released a statement claiming that Upton’s privacy was clearly violated. The images in question show nude photographs of Upton and her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander. The 31 year-old Cy Young award winner has yet to comment on the alleged photo leak. However, the FBI is reportedly  believed to be investigating the source of the hack. According to Shire, his client will seek  prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for those responsible in the incident.

Recent reports have indicated that the culprit(s) may have gained access due to a flaw within Apple’s security system. A breach in the Apple Find My iPhone application allows users to enter an unlimited number of passwords to gain access to their iCloud accounts. The lack of a more secure protocol for password recovery on the application may have enabled the alleged hacker to access the  celebrities’ iCloud accounts by repetitive guessing.

Although the number of confirmations from celebrities about the massive nude photo leak is sure to increase, not all of the pictures have been claimed as authentic. Rising star and pop singing sensation, Ariana Grande, was originally included in reports about the leak. The Break Free singer’s representatives adamantly denied reports that the allegedly leaked photos were real. In fact, representatives claimed the photos shared that were depicted as Grande were “absolutely  fake.” However,  not every celebrity has been as fortunate as Grande.

A prime example is Windstead, who took to Twitter to air her discontent and confirm that she, too, was a victim of the major leak. “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of my own home, hope you feel great about yourselves,” said the Final Destination 3 star. The 29-year-old posted the tweet on Sunday evening and received a great deal of criticism from the social media world. Some critics claimed that Winstead should not take nude photos if she is not willing to deal with aftermath of them going public, while others felt as though Winstead’s addressing the topic rather than letting it blow over was seen as a cry for attention.

Over the next few days, as Apple and the FBI launch their impending investigations, many celebrities will have to face the music on this issue. The speculation surrounding the photos will serve as a constant reminder for celebrities as to the difficulties of stardom. The level of privacy or lack-thereof which celebs have today with the amount of social media, technology and paparazzi can be overwhelming for some. Only time will tell what questions will be answered about the latest celebrity alleged nude photos hacks, but Upton’s confirmation certainly will not be the last of the bunch. For many stars, the damage has already been done, nonetheless legal battles appear to be one of the only forms of restitution for the celebrity victims of this massive leak.

By Brandon Wright

Photos Courtesy of Geetarhero1000-License
New York Daily News
Detroit Free Press
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