Kim Kardashian Spanks North West?

Kim Kardashian

Many wonder how celebrities discipline their children, and some question whether Kim Kardashian and Kayne West spank North West. It turns out that the couple have a no-spanking policy in the house. They refuse to discipline their daughter through the use of force, and focus more on teaching her right from wrong.

Like any child, their one-year-old daughter acts out. She throws tantrums and tries everything to get her own way. However, Kardashian and West discipline through time outs and taking favorite toys away, according to Hollywood Life.

The question should be why how other people discipline their children should be such a big deal. As long as parents are not abusing their children, is there really anything wrong with a tap on the hand or on the bottom to indicate that something is naughty. Sometimes, these actions are a sudden reflex. If a child is picking up something dangerous, parents are more likely to tap the hand to get the child to drop it. That is a spur-of-the-moment action, putting the health and safety of the child first.

Kardashian seems to be taking advice from her older sister, Kourtney. The older reality TV sister has two children with one on the way. She refused to use physical discipline and there is never a report about her children acting up somewhere. Of course, people have no idea what happens behind closed doors. However, it is very unlikely that she spanks her children out of sight, and it is unlikely that Kardashian will ever spank daughter North.

There is a plan in action that both parents agreed upon before their daughter was born last June. They agreed that she would have boundaries that she was expected to stick to. If she did not, disciplining through time outs and taking toys away was the approach to take. The aim is to reward the good behavior, and then use love to prevent the bad behavior.

The wonder for some came when Kardashian’s ex-flame Reggie Bush announced that he would use physical discipline to teach his children lessons. He came under fire from others because he admitted that he would “harshly” discipline. However, at no point did he indicate abuse. There is a fine line between the two, and as long as parents do not cross that line is there anything wrong with them choosing the way they prefer to discipline their children?

Bush went on to explain that he will use his “best judgment” to determine the disciplining that his children will receive. It will depend on the situation and wherever they are. This is something that all parents need to consider. Some children act out more than others, especially during their toddler years. Some have trouble communicating and understanding, while others pick things up very quickly.

Celebrities are constantly in the limelight, and people look to them for tips and inspiration. Despite some wondering how the reality TV show family found fame, there are people who look up to them and West. They want to know how they plan to discipline their children, but according to reports Kardashian will not spank daughter North.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Hollywood Life


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