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Stephen King

Stephen King’s thriller based on the assassination of John F. Kennedy is going on Hulu. Well, that is the adaptation by J.J. Abrams is going to be on Hulu, and could be the boost that the company needs. The novel adaptation is likely going to be something that many people are interested in, especially if they like any of his other novel adaptations.

11/22/63 goes into the assassination of the president. An English teacher is sent back in time to try and prevent the assassination, which means he needs to find out who has ordered it and the planfor it happening. However, the teacher soon finds out that it is not always easy to change the past.

The novel is just one single story, and there were never any plans to expand it. It seems strange that a TV show would be adapted around a single novel. That is something for movies to do. However, according to reports, the storyline could be adapted and expanded so that further seasons can be ordered. This will happen if the initial season is rated highly.

It is an exciting venture for many. The novelist had admitted that 11/22/63 was a novel that would work as a TV show, and Abrams is a big fan of the horror and thriller writer. He now gets to show just how much of a fan he is by getting King’s thriller novel onto Hulu.

At the moment there is no release date for the series. It is still in the planning stages, but Hulu is excited to announce the upcoming show. The streaming company is looking to battle against the likes of Netflix and Amazon for the top spot, and it seems like using a King novel adaptation is the way to do just that.

There will certainly be a number tuning in to watch. Under the Dome is the latest adaptation, which has been widely accepted by audiences. In the past, the thriller author’s novels have been adapted for movies. Some titles include IT, Rose Red and The Shining.

The plan right now is for Bridget Carpenter to create the script around the novel. She was involved in Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, and will be working closely with Bryan Burk and King himself. Athena Wickham is to produce the series, with Kathy Lingg co-executive producing with Burk. The series will be distributed globally through Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution.

Craig Erwich, senior VP and head of content for Hulu has admitted that this will be a historic event. He is looking forward to having two of the greatest storytellers working together and featuring on the streaming service. The fact that it is the novel about Kennedy’s assassination is even better. The novel made the best-sellers list, and remains a popular novel for many fans of the author.

The question will be whether the adaptation is enough to pit Hulu against its competition. Netflix and Amazon have been around for longer, and are widely popular due to the TV shows and movies available. There is hope that King’s thriller getting on Hulu will boost ratings and mean that the streaming service gets to offer more hit shows.

By Alexandria Ingham


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