Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review)

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Legends: Betrayal (Recap and Review)

After being forced to kill a captive with the weapon’s grade VX nerve agent on Legends: Betrayal; Odum, as Dante, then has to negotiate with the colonel on the price for the claimed five litres of concentrated chemical. At the FBI office, Hubbard confirms that he did make five litres of the deadly agent. Once Dante agrees to a price for the nerve agent, he tells Medved to give him a flash drive with the terrorist’s bank details on it and that they will have no electronic communication until the exchange the next day.

When the “arms dealer” returns to his apartment, Ana shows up to “keep an eye on Dante” and to tell him where the meet will take place. The two end up in bed and the FBI agent learns that the woman was rescued from an orphanage by Medved when she was ten. She also reveals that the orphan officials put the children in cages. It is apparent that Ana has become attached to Dante, even after he suggests that the colonel murdered her parents and adopted her out of guilt, she goes on to obviously have sex with him again.

At the park, the three meet and Medved brings a container full of the agent and Dante transfers the $32 million to the bank account as agreed. Once the money “clears,” the FBI show up to arrest all three. Suddenly a sniper begins shooting agents and Ana, Medved and Dante begin to run. Only the FBI agent and Ana make it away.

The woman then learns that Dante is not an arms dealer but an FBI agent. Odum then tells Ana that she is under arrest. In Legends: Betrayal Tony Rice is still trying to pin the homeless man’s murder on Odum, despite Nelson Gates’ clear warning to leave the agent alone. He tracks down another homeless man who witnessed the murder and Rice learns that a woman killed the man and not Martin.

The stuff in the container that Medved sold to “Dante” was filled with hairspray and Martin assures the team that the VX does exist as he saw it work. Odum says that he will go back and get the colonel to give up the agent. Crystal questions Medved and reveals that they know the man raped and killed Ana’s mother.

Before McGuire leaves the interrogation room, Medved demands safe passage from the U.S. for him and Ana or there will be VX nerve agent attacks hourly until he is released. Shortly after his threat a cannister goes off in a city bus killing 16 people. Crystal wants to see Medved sent to a “black” location where he can be treated without rules until he tells them where the nerve agent is located.

The director of the FBI authorises Odum to stay undercover and “break out” the colonel and Ana in order to recover the VX agent. Martin and McGuire convince the woman to “turn” against her adoptive father. Odum by telling her what Medved did and Crystal by showing the woman the CCTV footage where the colonel admits the crime.

The FBI and Odum stage an escape using explosives, a helicopter and a “shootout.” Dante then takes the two away in the chopper to a house. Once there the “arms dealer” pistol whips Medved until he calls off the nerve agent attacks. When the colonel does so he facetiously asks Dante if they are friends again and the “dealer” stabs the man through the hand.

Leaving Medved and Ana alone, the two talk and the colonel admits he did rape and murder her mother. She demands that he give the nerve agent to Dante and take her to safety. Crystal attempts to show Odum how much she appreciates what he has done and he gets angry. Martin accuses her of trying to “manage him” and he says that too many people died because he “misread the target.”

Medved, Ana and Dante all go to the bank where the colonel has his VX stored in a deposit box. At the last minute Martin decides to unlock the safe deposit box and when he pulls it open the drawer explodes with a flash bang stunning the agent. Medved takes the same keys and opens another box that contains a gun and the nerve agent.

As he leaves the bank vault, the colonel shoots anyone with a gun as he approaches the exit door, Odum and Ana catch up to him. Medved realises that Dante is really with the FBI and the two men face each other, guns in hand as Ana then picks up another gun from one of the fallen agents.

In a tense moment, where Martin has a gun aimed at Ana and Medved, she shoots her adoptive father in the throat killing him. When the rest of the FBI storm the bank, Ana tells Odum that she will never go back into a cage. She then aims her gun at Martin forcing McGuire to shoot her. By the end of Legends: Betrayal, Martin has successfully recovered the VX nerve agent and it is clear that while this mission has ended, the man is still undergoing a personal meltdown. His legends are causing his reality to unravel even further.

By Michael Smith




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