Legends TNT Action Thriller Continues (Recap and Review)

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Legends TNT Action Thriller Continues (Recap and Review)

In the TNT action thriller Legends Sean Bean’s character, Martin Odum, and his identity crisis continues at the same time that missions continue and Officer Tony Rice keeps hounding the FBI because he believes that Odum is a murderer. This intense plot sees the tension increase for Odum each week as the strain of being other people begins to take its toll.

This week’s episode sees Odum taking the legend of arms dealer Dante on and going undercover to stop the deadly VX nerve agent from being distributed and to facilitate the rescue of Richard Hubbard. The former Russian chemist has been kidnapped, along with his family, and is being forced to make the chemical weapon.

While “Dante” sets himself up to get “in” the organization to buy the weapon, he is monitored by Crystal McGuire who shows that she still distrusts the undercover expert. As his progress is being monitored back at the FBI support center, he fabricates a story to win over his point of contact. When Agent Harris states that this move was impressive, McGuire says, “He won’t get an academy award until he gets us a solid lead.”

It is apparent that no matter how well Crystal and Martin work as a team in the field, his disturbing psych reports still bothers her. Odum gets his contact, a dealer named Paulanos, whom the FBI agent believes is a man. Once he meets the facilitator, he realizes his mistake and uses her mistrust of an unfamiliar face to his advantage.

Ana Paulanos allows herself to be talked into dealing with Dante and this leads to the agent learning of another dealer who is expected to purchase the nerve agent. In Legends this week, the TNT action thriller continues to follow the double plot line of Odum losing his grip on reality while playing different roles as part of his job, it also includes police officer Rice hounding the agent for the subway murder.

The show continues to show what goes on back in the FBI support cell. The perfect marriage of computer interaction and Odum’s masterful playing of the baddies, makes for powerful viewing. Martin hunts down his “competition,” a French arms dealer, and before taking him out of the equation, gets him to admit that VX is what his client wanted.

Using an steam iron to persuade the buyer, Odum forces the man to back off and tell Paulanos that she must not get back in touch with him. Tony Rice comes in to speak with Nelson Gates in an effort to get information on Odum. The DCO agent is becoming obsessed with the undercover agent and while speaking with Gates is warned by the FBI operative that he does not have clearance to be included in on what Odum is doing.

After his brutal treatment of the French arms dealer and a meeting with McGuire, Odum stops by his ex-wife’s house and asks for help. He says, “I don’t know what’s happening to me.” Martin goes on to say that he cannot remember how he proposed to his estranged wife. The undercover expert is beginning to lose his ability to keep his separate identities separate.

Paulanos, calls “Dante” to set things up to replace the now defunct French dealer with Odum’s “legend” of arms dealer. Martin calls Gates to tell him that things can progress. His boss then tells him about Rice’s inquiries and says that he will hold him off, but finishes by saying, “When this is over we’re going to have a little sit-down.”

Using the cell phone tap that Harris downloaded on Paulanos’ phone, the FBI learn who the “big bad” is, Colonel Yuri Medved. The man who has Hubbard and his family under lock and key while the chemist makes the nerve agent weapon. Later, the colonel reminds Hubbard that his family will die if he does not make the VX gas.

FBI director Spiller, tells Gates that his team has 24 hours to stop the nerve agent from getting in the field after learning that McGuire does not trust Odum. It seems that the undercover agent’s issues with his merging legends does not inspire Crystal to support the man no matter how good he is.

Dante meet with Paulanos after she contacts him and while the two bond over drinks, his room is searched. Later, the two go to bed together. Gates goes to see Rice at home and tells him to back off. The FBI boss also reveals that he has pulled the officer’s records. While the two men are talking, Rice’s daughter comes down to say that she cannot sleep, her father tells her to go back upstairs. After the girl has left, Gates says, “Nice family, don’t make me an enemy.”

The threat is very clear and it remains to be seen if Rice will listen. The morning after Dante (Odum) and Paulanos spend the night together, she gets a text stating that the arms dealer checks out. This is the cue to take Dante to meet Medved. Harris discovers a warehouse where McGuire believes the chemist’s lab is and they set out to rescue Hubbard and his family before Spiller takes over the case.

The FBI rescue the Hubbards after taking out all the Russian team that have been guarding the man and his family. Odum meets the Russian colonel and after a short physical altercation with bodyguards, Medved insists that “Dante” put an eyedrop of the VX nerve agent in a man’s eye to see if the stuff is genuine.

By the end of this week’s Legends it looks like Martin has just doomed another man to instant death by inserting a drop of nerve agent in his eye. TNT has taken a spy/action thriller which continues to raise the stakes and pits an FBI undercover specialist against the bad guys and himself. Sean Bean still lives and he is still “knocking his performance out of the park.” Legends airs Tuesdays on TNT.
By Michael Smith


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