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Legends Episode Two: The Russians Are Coming (Recap/Review)

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Legends Episode Two the Russians Are Coming (Recap/Review)

Legends, in episode two, features some Russian thugs who are coming down hard on a chemist who blew the whistle on the mafia in that country. Federal authorities brought the man to Bakersfield and gave him a new identity as a chemistry teacher. This man is kidnapped at the beginning of the show along with his family.

At the start of the show, after the Californian kidnapping, Sean Bean’s character “Martin Odum” is undergoing another psychiatric evaluation after the conclusion of his latest undercover work. Odum’s boss, Crystal Quest, doesn’t trust Martin’s stability or mental balance.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the chemist was taken by his old Russian mafia boss. The FBI think that Richard Hubbard will be used to make a nerve agent or gas. The law enforcement’s deductions are correct and the chemist’s family are being used to pressure him into making the deadly agent.

In the meantime, Odum is trying to track down who the murdered man in the subway was. The undercover agent is still trying to find out if he really is Martin Odum or if the dead man was right and that the undercover role is just another legend.

Nelson Gates, the FBI head, reveals to Odum that Bobby did get some information before he was killed. After Martin tells Gates about what he had learned from the murdered man, his boss tells him to keep that between the two of them.

Odum and Quest use Troy, another local agent to track down the whereabouts of Hubbard. The two agents, Martin and Crystal, do not get along despite making a pretty good team together. Martin’s technique is a bit too unpredictable for Crystal’s taste, but they do interact well with one another when in the field.

With the Russians coming forward in episode two of Legends to make illegal chemical weapons, the stakes are higher than just saving the life of a Russian defector. While Crystal and Troy, are in a nightclub waiting for “Demitri” to contact them, a hit team moves in to kill everyone in the club’s back office.

Quest is in the restroom copying files from their point of contact when the men burst into the office with automatic weapons. Odum follows the men in and kills them before they can find Crystal. As the two surviving agents go to leave the club, Quest kills two more Russian mafia hitmen.

By the end of this week’s episode of Legends, Odum volunteers to go undercover again, to stop the Russian mob from developing “weapon’s grade” nerve gas within U.S. borders. A new legend is developed for the agent as a playboy arms dealer from the U.K.

Before Martin goes in, his estranged wife expresses her concern that this undercover mission may cause him to lose track of himself. Tony Rice has placed Odum under surveillance and loses him on the first day. The show finishes with the undercover specialist taking on his new role.

This series is a great vehicle for Sean Bean and Ali Larter. The Brit actor has that rugged countenance that makes any physical role he plays very believable. Legends has given him a chance to show off his acting chops. Ali Larter shines as the tough boss who does things by the numbers and who does not trust Bean’s character. In episode two, the Russians are coming to ruin everyone’s day and it looks like Martin will have to put aside searching for his “real” identity a bit longer.

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