Tonight Show: Jared Leto Gets Shaved by Jimmy Fallon

Jared Leto

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon’s guests were Jared Leto and Amy Brennenman from The Leftovers. His musical guest was 30 Seconds to Mars, with Jared Leto doing dual duty tonight as their frontman. Also, The Roots band members Captain Kirk Douglas and Questlove will be performing as the duet Black Simon and Garfunkel and Lindsay Lohan will stop in to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, began this evening’s episode by doing his monologue. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Here are some of the jokes and topics that Jimmy Fallon mentioned:

“Here’s what people are talking about. Rapper Nelly has joined the protestors in Fergusson. Even Nelly is saying ‘It’s way too hot in he-ere.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon combined two politicians in the news into his next joke: “Texas Governor Rick Perry has been charged with two felonies. Yesterday, after he got his mug shot, he went out for ice cream — or, as Mayor Rob Ford calls it, multi-tasking.”

Next, Fallon poked fun at another politician who is frequently the brunt of jokes, Chris Christie. “Chris Christie says he believes in Rick Perry’s honesty and integrity. Then, he said, ‘Pass me some of that ice cream!'”

“Corona is having to recall certain packages of beer because the bottles might contain small pieces of glass,” Fallon said, adding “Fiber One said ‘It never stopped us.'”

Tomorrow night from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be actor Josh Brolin. Then, Jimmy Fallon mentioned all of tonight’s guests. “He is the lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars and an Academy Award winning actor — Jared Leto will be here!” Fallon also mentioned that Amy Brenneman would be a guest, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Then, Jimmy Fallon looked inside the Audience Suggestion Box. One person’s suggestion was for Fallon to sum up all of the summer’s movies in 30 seconds. Instead, Fallon asked a member of The Roots to do a rap song about all of the hit movies. It was a pretty cool rap song.

Jared Leto

Another person asked if he would have Black Simon and Garfunkel on again soon. Fallon obliged with Captain Kirk Douglas and Questlove singing their version of a hit song, but in the style of Simon & Garfunkel. They were amazing, as usual.

“Hey, Jimmy,” another suggestion supposedly went. “I challenged Lindsay Lohan last night to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and she hasn’t responded yet. Could you help?”

Of course, Lindsay Lohan just happened to be backstage. First, she challenged Prince Henry and Jared Leto. Then, Jimmy Fallon poured the bucket of icy water over her head. Perhaps Jared will do the challenge a bit later.

Jared Leto

Back from a break, Jared Leto and Jimmy Fallon did a skit in which they were long-haired holy men on top of a snowy, mountainous range. Their inner thoughts could be heard as they sat on the mountain, meditating. Jimmy thought about howling at the moon, “but the moon refused to howl back.”

“I am a sweet, salty Sour Patch Kid. I am a unicorn. Feel my power,” was one of Jared’s thoughts.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from another commercial break, Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, Jared Leto. Besides the interview, he will later be singing with the group 30 Seconds to Mars.

Jared mugged for the camera before taking a seat. “That was so much fun! We have to come up with names for those guys!” Jared said.

“How about Spencer and Greg?” Fallon suggested. “It was almost like we were searching for each other and found ourselves.”

Jared Leto agreed that those would be good names. One of them could be Greg Spencer and the other one could be Spencer Greg. Maybe they will do a skit again together in the future using those names.

“You won every award at the last Academy Awards show!” Fallon said.

“It was really incredible, really special, obviously,” Leto said. He mentioned that it was particularly great that his mother could be there to see him win and to hear his acceptance speech.

Fallon mentioned that Leto recently Tweeted out a picture of himself hugging a tree. Fallon showed other photos people made up using Leto’s likeness, like a miniature version of Leto hugging a Brazilian soccer fan’s face and President Obama’s face.

“Let’s talk about the band 30 Seconds to Mars,” Fallon said.

“It’s incredible. Now, we’ve toured more than any other band in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. We’ve toured so much around the world and now we’re touring in America,” Leto said.

“I have one thing to say if you want any advice. Take the beard down just a little bit,” Fallon told Jared.

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about that,” Leto said. “I’ve been asked to do a lot of resurrections lately. It’s tiring.”

Jimmy Fallon put a barber’s bib over Leto and used an electric razor to trim Leto’s beard and ‘stache way shorter than it had been. It turned out looking not too bad at all.

“How’s that?” Fallon asked. “Is that pretty good?” The audience cheered their approval. Then, Fallon announced the next guest, Amy Brennenman. She will be on after more commercials.

Jared Leto

Amy was wearing a hot-looking black leather or leather-like dress and black stiletto-heeled boots. She said one role she played was a character who was not a particularly good mother. “I played someone who abandons their kids, and now, once a week, I get on a plane and abandon my kids.”

The Leftovers is a very intriguing show. People are comparing it to Lost because two percent of the world disappears and no one knows why. Your character is in a cult?”

“I don’t like to think of it like that.”

“Your character doesn’t talk?”

“No, we communicate by writing notes,” she says.

“I think you all should do an episode where you reveal your voice,” Fallon suggested. “The real exciting news is that HBO just picked up The Leftovers for Season 2!” Then, Jimmy Fallon said that after more commercials, 30 Seconds from Mars will be performing.

The song that Jared Leto sang with 30 Seconds to Mars was End of All Things from their latest album. Leto has a great singing voice, one that soared to the rafters. One slight problem was that the studio was kind of echo-ridden. He is a fantastic actor and a pretty darn good singer. After the song, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to yet another commercial break.

The episode concluded with Jimmy Fallon thanking all of his guests. It was a fantastic episode, with Captain Kirk Douglas and Questlove performing as Black Simon and Garfunkel. Jared Leto was also amazing, as both a guest and a musical performer. Lindsay Lohan made a cool cameo appearance to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Amy Brennenman talked about her HBO series, The Leftovers.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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