Netflix Series to Watch for Fall 2014

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The summer may be ending soon, but the anticipation for a new TV season is upon us, and Netflix will be launching some exciting new series for Fall 2014. The popular internet streaming media company is taking the world of online streaming by storm with a subscriber based audience and original programing thus creating a whole new way for viewers to enjoy quality programing at a reasonable price. The American company offers their services in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean with launches set for Germany and France in 2015. On-demand subscriber programing is the wave of the future and Netflix is leading the pack.

Marco Polo – Originally to air on Starz, Netflix took over the rights to Marco Polo and has scheduled the show to premiere in late 2014. The story takes place in China in the 13th Century. The story based around Marco Polo and Kublai Khan’s court. The show is sure to be filled with action and intrigue.

Bojack Horseman – is set to premiere late summer on August 22. The adult animated 12-episode series based on former comedy TV star/whiskey drinking half-man, half-horse named Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett from Arrested Development) and his side-kick Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) as Todd. Amy Sedaris (from Strangers with Candy) plays Bojack’s ex-girlfriend, a cat named Princess Caroline.

Sense8 – The new show focuses on eight characters from all over the world, who have one thing in common – the same vision of a violent act. The show will dedicate each episode on one of the eight characters experiences on any given day. The show is being shot in the UK, Seoul, Nairobi, Berlin, Mumbai, Mexico City, Chicago, and San Francisco. The character stories are intertwined and each week they will run into obstacles staying alive, no telling whether the other story characters in the series are friend or foe. It will be interesting to follow the show each week and watch the storyline unfold.
The Netflix series that are taking the world by storm includes; House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey; Derek, starring Ricky Gervais, and Orange is the New Black. The network has 31 nominations for Emmy’s between the three top shows. Chelsea Handler is winding up her last week the E! Network and will be heading over to Netflix to host a new show. The company plans to expand their programming with different genres such as a series based on Marvel Comics characters, beginning with Daredevil. There are also talks of a new season of Arrested Development in the near future. In 2015, Netflix will also be launching Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. The story is based around their husbands who happen to fall in love with each other.

Netflix has over 50 million subscribers internationally, and the quickly growing network will not only bring exciting new series to the 2014 Fall season, but great programming for years to come. Netfix is still going strong with movie and TV programming online rentals, but they are paving the way for original programming for streaming media.

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