Hayden Panettiere Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Ice Bucket Challenge

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere has finally confirmed her pregnancy with everyone by doing an ice bucket challenge video. One of the nominations the star made was her unborn child, and she pointed towards her growing bump.

It has been a rumor since May this year, with some of the actresses friends saying that she was expecting her first baby. However, the Nashville star chose to avoid going public with it and allowed her bump to do all the talking for her. There was no mistaking that she was pregnant just weeks ago when she was spotted with an ever-growing baby bump.

Just before the friend of the star shared the baby news, Panettiere had confirmed that children were part of the future. She looked forward to becoming a mother at some point but made it clear that it would not be an “end to her life.” She made it clear that unlike some women she would continue to accomplish things despite having a baby to care for.

The 24-year-old had recently announced that her wedding was being put on hold. The official statement was due to fiancé Wladimir Klitschko’s brother being stuck in Ukraine. They want the whole family to be able to witness their nuptials, and are willing to wait until the political situation calms down enough for Klitschko’s brother to make it to the U.S.

With the news of her pregnancy, some speculated that the wedding was also being put on hold for that. They would have known about the baby at the time of their announcement, and it could be that they wanted to have the child before their nuptials.

It has taken three months but Panettiere finally confirmed her pregnancy with an ice bucket challenge video. This is a current trend on social media with people having buckets of ice water being thrown over them to help raise awareness and money for the ALS Foundation. Other charities have also used the videos as a way to help them raise money.

The temporary effects of the cold mimic the symptoms of ALS. People find it difficult to move their muscles and can even find it difficult to breathe. ALS can leave patients completely paralyzed and cause death. Most are given between three and five years to live after a diagnosis. There is currently no cure and little understanding around the disease, so a lot of research still needs to happen.

Dancing With the Stars dancer Derek Hough helped with the filming of Panettiere’s ice bucket challenge, and shared it on his own Twitter account. The Heroes star could not figure out how to share it on her own for some reason. Hough has an upcoming part on Nashville.

As well as nominating her unborn child, the star nominated her fiancé telling him that he would not get out of this. Her third nomination was Kacey Musgraves, a country artist who also has a part on the hit music show. By Panettiere finally confirming the pregnancy with the ice bucket challenge, does that mean her unborn child has technically done the challenge, too?

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