Wedding Location with a Difference: A Great Start to Life Together


Once a couple has decided to tie the knot and start their lives together, the next step is usually to find a perfect location for the wedding, so why shouldn’t they book a great and unusual setting for that wedding with a difference.

Michael and April Wolber – Wedding photo against the Two Bulls fire

Back in June 2014, Michael and April Wolber almost had their wedding canceled at the Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon due to the Two Bulls wildfire, and the final wedding photos were truly unique.

While it is not recommended to go searching for a wildfire as a background to nuptials, there are plenty of original ideas out there for the wedding of a lifetime.

If fear of heights is not a problem, exchanging vows in a hot-air balloon is a great idea.  Soaring above the ground in the silent sky, this is a beautiful and original way to tie the knot.

A hot-air balloon is a great location to tie the knot.

One romantic couple, Michael and Mackenzie Chavez, had enjoyed their first date at the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and decided that this was the best location for their wedding.

They floated up into the air with a small wedding party, and then returned to the ground to meet their other guests and have some pretty unique photos taken of the event.

As a more unusual wedding location, a cave could be a really great option with a difference for a start to a couple’s life together.  Up in the Ozarks there is a natural and beautiful cave which has been set aside for just this purpose.

The Bridal Cave in Camdenton, MO

The Bridal Cave, underneath Thunder Mountain in Camdenton, Missouri has reportedly been used as a wedding venue since 1949 and the cave has been rated one of the most scenic caves in America.

Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Basil Cole of Sedalia, Missouri were the very first couple to get married in the cave on June 1, 1949. Since that date, more than two thousand couples have tied the knot in this scenic spot. Besides the obvious attraction as a wedding location, the caves are a great spot to visit at any time.

A Mayan temple would be an amazing spot to start life together, and down in Belize, a wedding planner named Lara Goldman is organizing exactly that and one such wedding is pictured at the top of this article. Goldman can apparently arrange for a real Mayan shaman to perform the wedding ceremony on one of many ancient Mayan sites in the country.

Looking back on the huge scare about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, the New York Times reported on a couple who almost literally thumbed their noses at fate and were married among the Mayan ruins in Belize back in December 2012.  On a more dire note, Ms. Cook and Mr. Klocke, the couple involved, did apparently mention that they couldn’t think of a better person with which to share the end of the world. Naturally this remarkable service is still available in Belize today, as the world most certainly didn’t end.

While the traditional and old-fashioned type of wedding is still popular and a great way to start life together, it is definitely worthwhile exploring a wedding location with a difference for the wedding, honeymoon and photo opportunity of a lifetime.

By Anne Sewell


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