Legends: Gauntlet (Recap and Review)


Legends: Gauntlet (Recap and Review)

In Legends:Gauntlet, against all odds, Sean Bean is still alive and struggling to learn who his character really is. While the DCO FBI undercover agent may still have no idea what his real name is, he is at least learning that the coma story repeated to him by his wife and boss is not true. In last week’s episode Martin Odum had second of two leads murdered before he could find out too much and when he captured the last man who could tell him, Kyle Dobson, their car was crashed into before they could get away.

Crystal and Rice continue to work together and go through the late Dave Evans’ personal files trying to figure out what is really going on with Odum. Maggie tries to find out about Iraq and can only find a minimum amount of information. Gates returns and apart from being upset to see Rice there, lets Crystal know that he is not happy,

Dobson finds out that he was shot and Martin boards a bus with his captive so they can get to a hospital. Rice explains to Gates that he no longer believes that Odum killed McCombs but that the legends agent is in serious trouble. Before the bus can arrive at a local hospital, the police intercept the vehicle and arrest both Odum and Kyle. Martin tells the police that he is FBI and he gives the men his boss’ name and the code Foxtrot Echo Zulu. Once Dobson learns that Odum “is a cop” he mumbles that “no wonder they couldn’t find you.”

Legends: Gauntlet shows that Gates has always known that Odum is not real but another legend. However, Martin’s boss continues to let the man believe otherwise. Gates sends Crystal and Rice to Houston in order to pick up Odum and his prisoner. The local police are hostile and while the two FBI agents head out to help Martin, Rice wonders if the undercover agent is losing his mind.

While hospital personnel work on Dobson, Martin waits impatiently and talks to Gates. He reveals that the “chop shop” had illegal weapons, military missiles, etc. The agent brings up that Dobson says Martin was in Iraq in 2004, which Gates says was impossible due to “the” car accident which left Martin in a coma. A member of the hospital’s staff gives Odum a coffee that has been drugged and he passes out.

When he wakes up, Dobson is being taken out of the hospital by what appears to be federal agents. An SAC agent approaches Martin and attempts to keep him away from Kyle and he tries to use a taser on him. The FBI agent intercepts Dobson and he steals a car to take this mystery man to a safe place for interrogation.

Gates tells Odum to take Dobson to Austin, Texas to a friend of his. The car’s radiator gives out and the two men hole up in a deserted house. Kyle tells Martin that his people are coming and that the FBI undercover agent does not have long to live. Odum continues to question his prisoner and reminds him that if it takes too long for Dobson’s people to take Martin out, that the man’s own people will kill him.

Martin gets his position to Crystal and Rice and prepares for a last stand scenario. After taking out the team sent to kill him and rescue Dobson, his back up arrives. Before the FBI arrive, however, Dobson agrees to help Odum and prior to being taken away by the cavalry, the man is shot by a long range sniper.

By the end of Legends: Gauntlet Martin Odum has lost his last lead. Gates tells Martin’s wife she needs to get back together with him and the undercover specialist still has no idea what his name really is. Sean Bean has managed to stay alive despite best attempts to take his character out on the show. After getting so close this week, previews of next week’s show looks to put Martin back into another of his legends with no answer to his true identity in sight.

By Michael Smith




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