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Legends: Rogue (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*


Legends: Rogue (Recap and Review)
In this week’s episode of Legends, titled Rogue FBI DCO asset Martin Odum comes out from his latest legend and while being scrutinized by the DCO psychiatrist he becomes defensive and then angry at her questions. Finally he storms out of the session and McGuire, who is in charge while Gates is gone, asks the therapist about what went on. The doctor reveals that his problems have nothing to do with his latest mission, but something else.

The result of the eval is that Martin is declared unfit for work and is on “leave” until they can figure out how to proceed. McGuire seems oddly disturbed by the news. In the meantime Odum has been removed from active duty.

Crystal is approached at a bar by Tony Rice and when she makes the first real move, he says he’s married and she replies, “Take the night off.” When Rice explains who he is, she gets angry and calls him an “A**hole.” Tony persists and shows McGuire the cell phone footage of Odum and the murdered man in the subway. He reveals that Gates, Crystal’s boss, is protecting Martin.

It appears that Odum is beginning to have real problems dealing with who he really is versus the legends he must take on. When his estranged wife Sonya comes by to visit, he tells her that he is having trouble sleeping and that there are a great many blind spots. She reminds him that he had a car wreck in February 2004 and that the scars on his body are from that. Martin then looks up the information on the internet and despite having flashes of memories about the accident he also remembers the murdered man telling him that Martin Odum is another legend.

While having the flashback of McCombs dying, he remembers getting a book from the man who told him that “the answers are in there.” Looking at the novel, he notices certain pages are dog-eared and he gives the page numbers to Maggie Harris to find out what they mean. In Legends:Rogue Odum is taking control of his problems and proactively searching for answers, regardless of where they may lead him.

Crystal and Rice meet and she sees the file that Tony has on Martin. The two decide to investigate McCombs, the man murdered in the subway, and his connection to Martin. Maggie meets Odum in a cafe and she reveals that the numbers are a phone number. She also gives him the name of the man the phone belongs to, Denis Evans. Martin tells Maggie that she needs to “cover her tracks” as what she is doing for him could get her killed.

Martin goes to see Evans and after identifying himself as an FBI agent, the other man panics and tries to attack Odum with an hatchet. When he is disarmed be begins to cry and begs the agent not to kill him. Evan’s asks Martin his name and after being told, says to Odum that he wants his “real name.”

The two men go inside and Evan’s reveals that he knows Martin and they were in Iraq together. The man has a photograph to prove it. He also tells the agent that Odum, McCombs and Evans are the only three men still alive from the group in the photo. Martin tells Denis that there are only two now and Evan’s says that he is leaving but before he goes, he gives a name to Odum, Kyle Dobson “the guy in charge, over there.”

Tony and Crystal go to the Department of Veteran Affairs to get information about McCombs from a doctor who is reluctant to share it. The physician reveals that the man “lost” himself for awhile. The two agents watch as McCombs stares out at them from a video screen and says he “watched the whole world burn.”

Odum decides to go after Dobson and makes up his own legend to help him. Maggie puts all the information into the computer to back up his new character and looks both bemused and concerned when Martin goes into his legend’s skin right before her eyes. She tells Odum that she found something in Dobson’s file called Operation Raining Fire which causes the agent to have a flashback.

Odum’s self created legend is called Len Barlow who is a cowboy and born “a century and half too late.” Rice and McGuire trace Evans down and find the man’s house. They discover that someone beat them to the address and when they enter, the two find that Denis has been tortured and killed.

Martin searches out a contact in Houston where Dobson is supposed to be. The man steers the FBI agent to Kyle’s girlfriend. As Len Barlow, Martin talks the girl into taking him to Dobson. Once they arrive, the man recognises Odum and in a matter of seconds, Martin gets into a gun battle where the odds are greatly stacked against him.

Amazingly, the agent manages to take Dobson away and while driving off, a truck crashes into the car. By the end of Legends: Rogue it looks like Martin’s last lead on who he really is may not be able to tell him anything.

By Michael Smith




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