Limited Stores Scandal Collection Lets Women Emulate Olivia Pope


Whether a fan of Scandal or not, it would be hard not for most women to admit that Olivia Pope’s wardrobe is amazing. Okay maybe I could do without Pope’s gloves, but the wardrobe helps create the Gladiators’ personas. I am realistic that I cannot afford the Tory Burch coat or Vera Wang ball gown, but the new Scandal collection debuting later this month at The Limited stores lets women emulate the looks starting at approximately $49 per item. While the designer attire featured on the show may be out of the price range for many of its fans, the new clothing line at The Limited stores will likely not be.

The Scandal collection at The Limited, available Sept. 23, was designed in collaboration with actress Kerry Washington (aka Olivia Pope) and Lyn Paolo, costume designer. They sought to create a line that conveys the elegance and confident grace the characters embody for wanna-be gladiators. According to Washington, the clothing line was designed for women who pursue their passions and want to “look good while doing it.”

No, the collection will not include iconic Olivia Pope elements like the Movado watch, signature Prada tote, and constant stream of expensive stylish coats. The collection’s debut, which is the same week as season four of Scandal debuts, will feature feminine blouses and tops, tailored wide-leg pants, blazers with strong lines and some outerwear, including a rumored cape like one worn on the show. Paolo commented in a press release that their design team worked hard to create “a collection that reflects Olivia Pope’s unique style.”

On the television show, Olivia Pope wears a lot of white, black and neutral tones. To let women emulate their inner Olivia Pope, the Scandal collection clothing line at Limited stores will reportedly focus more on the neutral tones, which blend well with softer feminine colors. The Limited promises that the line will feature clothing that will be modern in style, but powerful and professional. The pieces will be easy to mix and match.

Prior to developing the amazing wardrobe for Pope, Paolo worked as a costume designer on ER. She is also the costumer designer for Shameless on Showtime (yep, Fiona Gallagher is dressed by the same stylist as Olivia Pope).

The Limited’s Scandal line is reportedly the first ever collection for adults created from a partnership between a retailer and a television show. There have been lines created for tweens before based on shows on networks like Nickelodeon.

Last season on Scandal, the wardrobe and props (especially purses or totes) were chosen to hide Kerry Washington’s burgeoning belly. However, now that her baby is born, the costuming choices can be unlimited so it will be interesting to see what direction the clothing (and show) take this season. Of course, many of us fans cannot wait to the latest chapter in the Jake, Fitz and Olivia triangle and what the Pope parents are up to now. Maybe, I’ll sit watching the first show with my iPad checking out the Scandal collection and The Limited and fantasizing that I could look like Olivia Pope in any stretch of the imagination from the neck down.

By Dyanne Weiss

Us Magazine
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2 Responses to "Limited Stores Scandal Collection Lets Women Emulate Olivia Pope"

  1. Shannise   September 24, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    I was excited until I saw that the sizes stop at XL. Well someone should have been informed that Gladiators are Full Figured Girls Too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tracy   September 14, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Excited for this! I don’t think it’s the first- I have a couple pieces from the Banana Republic/Mad Men collection!

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