Man Who Jumped Fence at White House Will Remain in Jail

Man  Jumped Fence White House

Omar Gonzalez, the man who jumped the fence at the White House, will remain in jail for 10 days while law enforcement in Wythe County, Virginia start legal proceedings to repeal bail in another of his cases. Gonzalez was arrested for evading police authorities and also having a sawed-off shotgun in his possession.

Gonzalez, age 42, was in court and had on a jail issued orange jumpsuit when he was informed he was to again show up in court on Oct. 1 for a detention hearing, which will determine if he is allowed to be released from jail. Assistant United States Attorney David Mudd declared that Gonzalez is a danger to President Obama. Gonzalez is both homeless and unemployed.

It was on July 19 of this year that Virginia State Police arrested Gonzalez. When law enforcement looked through his automobile, they discovered the shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a map that covered the entire region of Washington, D.C. It was inserted into a Bible, explained Attorney Mudd. Both the Masonic Temple, which is located in Alexandria, Virginia and the White House itself, had been circled on the atlas.

Federal experts stopped Gonzalez on Aug. 25 when he was near the south fence of the White House, explained Mudd in court. At that time, he was carrying a hatchet placed in his pants waistband. Gonzalez again gave Virginia police permission to examine his vehicle, where law enforcement discovered two dogs and various pieces of camping equipment. He was not detained that time.

However, police ended up arresting Gonzalez again this past Saturday for jumping over the White House border fence and running into the building. Federal agents declared that the man was armed with a folding knife. Law enforcement once more went through his car and this time they discovered over 800 ammunition rounds, in magazines and also boxed. Police investigators also discovered a machete and two hatchets. He will remain in jail for at least 10 days to see if he will be sentenced to a longer amount of time.

David Bos, who is an Assistant Federal Public Defender, was selected by Federal Justice John Facciola to legally represent Gonzalez. Bos explained that he would not argue that Gonzalez had violated the release terms of his bond.

The Virginia State Police declared that it alerted the Secret Service about the arrest of Mr. Gonzalez. Knowing that Gonzalez was arrested on gun charges, carrying around the map of the White House, has compelled its leader to enlarge the agency’s internal inquiry of the event. Reacting to Gonzalez hopping over the fence, the agency will look how officers are located at the White House and whether fresh security measures need to be put into place. The investigation will scrutinize how the organization handled its August contact with Gonzalez.

Federal Public Defender Bos reported that he had talked with Gonzalez and that the man fully comprehends what the proceedings and charges are against him. Federal Justice Facciola took into account Gonzalez’s strange behavior in trying to get into the White House and ordered him to be held in jail because he was considered a dangerous individual.

By Kimberly Ruble

Christian Science Monitor
The N.Y. Times
USA Today

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  1. Pyrrho Nist   September 22, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Yes, of course, the fence jumper had a bible in his possession. Who could have imagined…

    If we could just elimnate: god, the fence jumper, the bible, and all the other fairy tale books of religion, we could bring Republicants and Teabeggars into modernity


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