Martin Scorsese to Direct Ramones Movie

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Martin Scorsese is set to direct a Ramones movie. Though the news comes at a time when the Ramones estate is preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its first LP in 2016, it also comes soon after the last surviving member, Tommy Ramone had passed away in July. Along with a cinematic depiction of the punk rock group’s legacy, Rolling Stone Magazine reported the estate is also working on “new apparel, remastered music,” and other artistic works.

Rolling Stone Magazine reported Jeff Jampol, who co-manages the Ramones estate did not give further details about the film. Jampol did, however, mention the works of a documentary that was originally inspired by George Seminara, a man who had shot footage of the Ramones in the 1970s and 1980s. A book may also be published which will feature photos and memorabilia of how the Ramones music impacted the New York Scene during their prime time.

Billboard Magazine was reportedly the first to announce the news of Scorsese’s role to direct a Ramones movie. Along with the mention of the movie, Billboard Magazine also reported how fans were treated to a Q&A session at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where the tenth honoring of guitarist, Johnny Ramone had recently taken place. In attendance was Johnny’s widow, Linda, Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones, host Rob Zombie, and surprise guest, Billy Idol.

Jampol was reported as telling Billboard Magazine that the tenth tribute to honor Johnny’s legacy may be the last people get to witness. Jampol had said the estate plans to move forward while bringing the legacy of the music group toward one direction. Part of the reason why it has taken a while to do so is attributed to Linda Ramone owning part of Johnny’s estate as well as lead-singer Joey Ramone’s brother, Mickey owning the other half of Joey’s estate. According to Billboard, the two had a long-term “behind-the-scenes” dispute, but as of now, all sides are on the same page since the recent tribute.

While Martin Scorsese is set to direct a Ramones movie, he is also preparing to direct the pilot of a HBO TV series called, Ashcliffe. The series is planned to run as a prequel relating to the movie, Shutter Island, which had starred Leonardo DiCaprio. Scorsese worked with DiCaprio on the 2010 featured film, and may also work with him again on the new series. Shutter Island is based off a 2003 novel by Dennis Lehane, who was reported by The Hollywood Reporter to also be helping in the writing of Ashcliffe.

With Martin Scorsese set to direct a Ramones movie, many media outlets like the New York Post will be looking closely at what Scorsese will include in his rendition of The Ramones legacy. Being from the same area in New York as the band, Scorsese should be able to portray their legacy the same way he has directed his other movies – with an edge and on point. Still, the New York Post listed five things the newspaper hopes to see in the movie, which includes the “first gig at CBGB” back in 1974, as well as the last gig in Los Angeles, Dee Dee Ramone’s long-time struggle with drug abuse, and the “weird conservatism” involved in the group after Johnny Ramone announced in 2002 that he was a Republican. He had said punk music was a “right-wing movement.” So Martin Scorsese is set to direct the movie.

By Liz Pimentel


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