Dallas Teenager Allegedly Strangles Young Cousin

Dallas Teenager Allegedly Strangles Young Cousin

In Texas, a Dallas teenager allegedly strangled his young cousin, age five, on Sunday and then discarded her body in an empty, ground floor apartment which was close by to his own, stated Texas State Police. Angel Sanches-Zenteno, age 17, was arrested on Monday morning, about 12 hours after law enforcement discovered the dead body of little Kathrine Alejandra Gonzalez in the unit at the Lake Highlands apartment complex.

Texas police have released information that they believe the murder suspect snuck into the United States illegally around a year ago and have dispensed an immigration hold, along with a charge of capital murder of an individual under the age of six years.

Dallas police Major Rob Sherwin spoke at a news conference on Monday and stated that law enforcement have probable cause to strongly believe strongly that Sanches-Zenteno is responsible for the death of the small girl.

The dead child’s mother was hysterical after the heartbreaking find. Numerous family members spoke to the media before Sanches-Zeteno, ended up being detained.

Family members had been watching Kathrine and her siblings at the Sontera Palms apartment complex while her parents were both at work on Sunday, Dallas law enforcement reported. The small girl was playing with her sisters outside of her uncle and aunts apartment when she vanished about 11:30 a.m. Both police and neighbors started up a desperate search that continued until the terrible discovery of the girl’s body about 2:30 p.m., several media sources are reporting.

Major Sherwin explained that it took searchers a few hours and numerous apartments. Understandably a 5-year-old is pretty small so it ended up taking them a little while to find the child but she was finally discovered in the unoccupied apartment.

Several different witnesses stated that they had seen Sanches-Zenteno walking around with the child about the time she came up missing. He was one of several family members who were interviewed by law enforcement before he was taken into custody early on Monday morning.

A family member stated that the little girl’s mother was screaming and yelling because she was so distraught. The family member also said that the mother was rolling all over the floor and acting like she was going out of her mind because she was hurting so much. The family member added that all of the terrible events has happened because the killing was in their family. The child was innocent, why did something like that have to happen to her? Sunday had been the little girl’s 5th birthday, one television station reported.

Texas police explained that just as soon as fellow citizens in the neighborhood heard that the child had gone missing, many of them were swift in aiding in the search for the missing girl, even before the police had received any emergency calls around 11:30 a.m.  After law enforcement showed up on scene, many of the inhabitants permitted the police to even search through their homes and automobiles for the missing girl.

After law enforcement was on scene, maintenance employees told them that there were a huge amount of empty apartments at the complex. After they obtained keys, the police started what they called as being a “systematic search of all vacant units.”  Police investigators in due time found the little girl’s body hide inside an apartment that was located toward the back of the complex.

They also stated that the Dallas County medical examiner released information which stated that initial results of an autopsy shown that the child’s cause of death was strangulation. At the present time, Sanches-Zenteno is being detained at the Dallas jail with no bond. So far his jail records do not show any attorney being retained.

By Kimberly Ruble


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