Michael Johns Friend Claims Wife Lied About His Cause of Death

The owner of the residence where former American Idol contestant Michael Johns was found dead is claiming that the singer’s wife lied about his real cause of death in order to protect against public humiliation and scrutiny. The claim was revealed in a recent court document filed by the man in response to the lawsuit filed against him by Johns’ wife which claimed he harassed and abused her following her husband’s passing.

Stacey Vuduris filed legal documentation in the month following the death of her husband which accused Torrey Gambill of constantly badgering her with phone calls and text messages in which he blamed her for the singer’s death. She claims that Gambill refused to cease this harassment, thus leading her to file the suit. Gambill, however, tells a different story. In his documents, he says that Vuduris wanted to come up with a publicly acceptable explanation regarding Johns’ death from the moment she found out about it, sending him text messages in which she offered suggestions she felt were suitable. She allegedly expressed her view that the possibility of the 35-year-old having died due to alcohol abuse (which was suggested by authorities shortly following the incident) was simply not an option to be made public. Gambill says Johns’ wife then formed the explanation of a blood clot stemming from a twisted ankle which led to fatal cardiac arrest, stating that it would be believable because it sounded like something that could happen suddenly. In the documents, he claims that Vuduris even wanted to tell the media that her husband had passed away in his own home, rather than on his friend’s couch at his apartment.

The man says that this explanation is simply untrue. He has given the statement that the substantial amount of alcohol Johns was said to have consumed before his death was not out of the ordinary, and that it was, in fact, a regular occurrence. Gambill says that alcohol addiction was a struggle that his friend had been dealing with for a long time, and that Vurduris was simply unwilling to allow the public to become knowledgable of this fact in case it might hurt her reputation. She was reportedly confident that if they stuck to the story, nobody who was any the wiser would ever leak the information to the press. The documents also include Gambill’s claims that Johns and Vurduris were not even still together at the time of his passing, and that their separation had been going on for quite some time. He also says that the Australian native was of the belief that his estranged wife was in a relationship with another man, although there are not yet any further details surrounding this possibility. He also alleges that the two did not have any kind of amicable relationship during the singer’s last year, claiming that the woman treated Johns horribly, which led to the increase in his hard drinking.

It remains to be seen whether or not there is any truth to Torrey Gambill’s claims that Stacey Vurduris is not telling the truth about the manner in which Michael Johns passed away. The two lawsuits have reportedly been settled without the assistance of a judge, but no information has yet been disclosed as to the details of the settlement.

by Rebecca Grace

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