Miley Cyrus Debuts Art

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus recently attended an Alexander Wang after party wearing ice-cream pasties on her bare chest, and posted an Instagram video of it while twerking, but this week she looks to debut a different kind of art. Her bold collection labeled Dirty Hippie and will be displayed at Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion show on Wednesday, Sept 10. Scott, who is fashion label Moschino’s new creative director, will be showing his collection along with several of Cyrus’s pieces.

Some of the pieces include a vibrator given to Cyrus by a fan, which she glued a joint to. A Halloween type mask made up of tiny teddy bears, a bong that is five feet in length and adorned with multicolored bracelets. As well as a bedazzled toy for a pet, in the shape of a long banana. These are a few of her favorite things. At least in terms of the art world, which she says is the current symbol of her life. “I honestly started to hate this year, because it seemed like everything that can go wrong, did, continually. Me having to be in the hospital, the death of my dog…So I began to take all of those crappy things and try to make them good, like using it.”

Cyrus looks to make a memorable debut, striving towards new forms of artistic expression, and also claims to have found a remedy for her incessant boredom. “I just chill and smoke a lot of weed. So I figured I may as well do something afterwards,” she revealed to V Magazine. “And this artistic stuff is me trying to do,” The Wrecking Ball singer confirmed. She then went on to say how money does not buy a person happiness, but it does, however, buy a person a bunch of things to glue to other things that make one happy.

The former Hannah Montana star who recently tweeted, “FYI I do not have some weird rash, it’s just pink glitter I got rubbed on my body,” seems to be in a good place about her exhibit of art that she calls “therapeutic.” Her fans, or anybody who has looked at her Instagram account in recent weeks, know of the 21-year-old’s fetish for the color as she posted several photos of her art. After the initial unveiling of her Dirty Hippie on Wednesday, Cyrus’s arts and crafts will continue to be shown in the gallery offices of V Magazine on Mercer Street in New York. Although there is no said time frame of how long the exhibition will be available.

The art of Cyrus debuts with the items she either collected or found to make them while on tour for her Bangerz album. Some of the items were given to her by fans according to the singer. Inspired by her close friendship with the Moschino creative director, she confessed to wanting to be more in life than just a simple star. “He brought me a kind of inner peace and realization of myself, which is important to me, because y’know to most people, all I did was just glue stuff together. But Jeremy saw something more than that. And it made me not feel like a freakin dumb— pop star. Which is my new goal in life, by the way; to not leave this earth, and pass away a pop star dumb dumb.”

By Theodore Borders

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