Miranda Cosgrove Fan Threatens Suicide Due to Unrequited Love

A Miranda Cosgrove fan has gone to extreme measures to get her attention, threatening suicide due to the feeling that his love for her has gone unrequited. The Nickelodeon actress reportedly received a set of disturbing pictures from said fan, one of which included his attempts to slit his wrists after gifts he sent her were returned unopened per her request.

Cosgrove filed legal documentation earlier this year asking for a protection order from one Joshua Stockton, who she said had been stalking her on social media in a desperate attempt to retrieve knowledge of her current whereabouts. Whenever he would gain knowledge of her location via a photograph or updated posted by various paparazzi or media outlets, Stockton would reportedly show up at said location almost immediately in an attempt to get Cosgrove’s attention and interact with her. The most significant of these locations were that of the University of Southern California (where the 21-year-old goes to school), and Disneyland (where she spends a significant amount of time to unwind and relax with friends.) The judge sided with Cosgrove, ordering Stockton to stay away from the actress.

Recently, however, Stockton has taken to sending the California native gifts via UPS in order to heed the judge’s warning and not come into directly contact with her. The former iCarly star had her camp send the gifts back unopened, as to not give the fan any false hope in terms of the two having any contact or connecting in any way. Stockton did not respond very well to Cosgrove’s rejection of his presents, snapping a shot of the unopened boxes and including it in his recent tweet. His message detailed his contemplation of continuing his self-harm, and he also expressed his feeling of being tired of loving and not receiving any love back. After including a picture of his self-inflicted wrist injuries, Stockton went on to say that he was going to commit suicide by way of electrocuting himself because she did not respond positively to his romantic advances.

Cosgrove has had her fair share of publicized conflict in the past year. She is currently in the middle of a legal war with a California truck driver with whom she was involved in a vehicular collision back in 2011. The actress and her mother were driving down the highway when their car crashed into an overturned tractor-trailer that was lying across the road, resulting in the Drake & Josh star suffering a broken ankle. She proceeded to sue the driver for $50,000 worth of damages, claiming she was disabled and disfigured as a result of the accident. Earlier this month, the driver filed a lawsuit of his own in which he accused the actress of exaggerating her medical expenses that allegedly occurred as a result of the collision.

It remains to be seen what will become of Joshua Stockton’s latest attempt to get Miranda Cosgrove’s attention. Neither the actress nor her representatives have yet given any statement regarding this most recent development.

by Rebecca Grace

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