Miss America 2015: Panty Shot Biggest Scandal of the Contest

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Miss America 2015: Panty Shot Biggest Scandal of the Night

What a difference a year makes, the 2015 Miss America pageant’s biggest scandal of the contest was Miss Nebraska’s “panty shot” when the low camera angle picked up on Megan Swanson and her less than graceful sitting position and the unfortunate contestant flashed the viewing audience and the judges. The young lady immediately started trending on Twitter and unlike last year’s competition, this has been the biggest “upset” of the evening.

In the 2014 competition, the second New Yorker to win the crown of Miss America, was Nina Davuluri a young woman of Indian heritage whose win was overshadowed by her calling another contestant fat. Or to be exact, it had been reported that she referred to the former 2013 Miss America, also a former Miss New York, Mallory Hagan as overweight by saying that the woman was, “Fat as F**k.”

Apart from this rather crude descriptive observation, Davuluri as also apparently recorded making racist comments during a celebratory party back in July 2013 when Nina won her New York crown. According to reports at the time, one hopeful who was not invited to the loud party recorded the merry-makers and the noise they were generating. The second Miss New York to win the crown immediately took to her Facebook page and apologised for the loudness of the event. She did not discuss the allegations of racism or calling Mallory Hagan fat.

After the pageant official’s investigated the alleged misbehaviour and cleared Nina of the racial accusations, it was apparent just why she did not apologise for the charges. While Davuluri may have had a slightly inauspicious start to her reign the rest of her time as Miss America 2014 was fairly low key by comparison. Now the 2015 pageant has been just as uneventful as Davuluri after her foul mouthed start. When a panty shot of a hopeful is the scandal highlight of the contest things are definitely looking up, no pun intended.

Last year’s contest featured another Miss America hopeful who sported some pretty impressive body ink. Sadly, for Miss Kansas 2014, the judges were not impressed and she did not make it to the final as runner up. Theresa Vail decided that in last year’s pageant that she would not cover up her two tattoos, unlike the other ink wearing contestants. One of her tattoos was a shortened version of the Serenity Prayer and the other a replica of the Army Dental Corps patch.

Unfortunately for the Kansas denizen, her opting to be the first contestant to parade her tattoos on stage, versus covering them with makeup, may have cost the contestant the crown. While this year the tiny bit of underwear briefly flashed by Miss Nebraska seems to have knocked her out of the competition in the first round. There are videos that show the “offending” bit of cloth which Megan inadvertently showed off and it really does feel like Twitter users were scrambling for something juicy to tweet about the contest this year.

The 2015 Miss America contest may be all over now and this year’s scandal may turn out to be related to the fact that Miss New York has won the pageant three years running instead of one hopefuls unfortunate panty shot during the pageant. Of course the triple win is just a coincidence, despite the fact that according to coverage of the pageant, Kira Kazantsev was the clear favorite from the start. In the meantime Miss Nebraska may have to learn to live with the kid’s chant, “I see Paris, I see France…”

By Michael Smith


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