Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies in Hotel Fall

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s father has died in a hotel fall, according to reports from the Daily Mail Australia. The whole family is shocked from the events that have taken place, but no official statement has yet been released.

According to friend and publicist Wendy Day, Mr. Kidman was in Singapore and was involved in a fall after having his breakfast. That is currently all that has been released. Day has said that the whole family is grieving and in shock, while the police work to find out the reason for the fall. According to Singapore police, the death is not yet being treated as suspicious, but they do want to know how it happened. The family will want to understand the circumstances.

The clinical psychologist was in the country visiting younger daughter, Antonia, who is a journalist. His grandchildren from Antonia live out in Singapore with her, so he would have spent time visiting them too.

Kidman’s father worked for Sydney’s University of Technology and was also the Health Psychology Unit director at the Royal North Shore Hospital. He was one of the most well-respected Australian clinical psychologists for his work within the area. He was a recipient of the Order of Australia in 2005 for his efforts.

The fall has been a shock to everybody who knew the man. Kidman’s publicist has asked for privacy after hearing of her father’s death due to a hotel fall. The 47-year-old actress was extremely close to him, and he attended a number of events with her. Earlier this year, he was on the Swiss Celebrate Life Ball red carpet with her.

Attila Brungs, who worked with Mr. Kidman at the university, has spoken out about her feelings of grief. She acknowledged his great tributes during his 43-year tenure at the university, and as a health practitioner and researcher. The staff at the university has taken the news with sadness, and he will certainly be missed by all.

Some of the research he carried out included the psycho-social implications that people suffer from after being diagnosed with breast cancer, among other diseases. Breast cancer was a disease close to his heard considering his wife went through a diagnosis of the disease. His daughter also had a scare in 2009 after finding a benign tumor. He would talk regularly about the psychological effects of various health problems, and wrote academic journals to help others.

The last family photo they all have together is from January. Mr. Kidman celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife, Janelle, and children.

Those who have been asked by various publications to comment about the accident have decided to decline. One woman stated that she would not know what to say, and did not think it would be appropriate. It is time for the family to deal with the shock of the news, and then they can consider the statements that they will release. It will be devastating for all, especially considering how close he was to all family members. Police also need to find the reason for Kidman’s father’s fall from the hotel that caused his death.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Sally   September 12, 2014 at 11:48 am

    So sad to hear of this news!!! Very accomplished man and a tragedy for sure!! Praying for the family! Sometimes words are few, but nevertheless, sincere!


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