Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros Gets the Gamer’s Attention


Since the announcement of the release of Super Smash Bros onto Nintendo’s newest 3DS platform the game has received huge amounts of attention from hopeful and excited gamer’s around the world. With the date for release set for October 3 and rapidly approaching, eager fans are waiting impatiently for the chance to play their favorite characters again, this time on the small screen.

With such a rich history and a huge fan base to back it up, there is little doubt that the new release of Super Smash Bros will be a huge hit. But some have voiced their concerns as to whether the traditional close combat mayhem attributed to the franchise will be too much for the small screened 3DS to handle.

Sharp presentation and the ability to outline characters in black when the screen zooms out have alleviated many of these fears. The gameplay and visuals remain fairly consistent even in 3D, running at 60 frames-per-second most of the time, only dipping when the action on-screen becomes exceptionally chaotic.

Gameplay reviews have, so far, been positive for the newest installation of the franchise. The handheld version of the game manages to impress the user with the same level of content and depth of gameplay and ensures that the frantic multiplayer action any die-hard fan would expect is not left out. The gamer also gets 34 stages to choose from, a list inspired by other handheld Nintendo franchises and also traditional Super Smash Bros locations.

As usual, the layout and theme is diverse and the stages are littered with hazards to compliment the game’s traditional sense of barely controlled action. For the players who prefer control over chaos, the game gives them the option to remove these unpredictabilities from the stage and enhance the competitiveness of the match.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros contains 50 playable characters and captures the player’s attention with intense customization features throughout the game. Equipment modifiers and upgrades are thrown sporadically across the game’s various modes, allowing the player to change their favorite character’s health and speed or even gift them with a weapon at the start of each match.

Super Smash Bros has been well known among Nintendo lovers for fifteen years since its original release in 1999. Creator Masahiro Sakurai began its design at a time when the market was flooded with fighting games, many of which were struggling to generate fans against a wealth of similar products and concepts. Nintendo’s release of the game onto the Nintendo 64 platform was a massive success, thanks to its simple control system and unique approach to gameplay, in which the characters do not have a health bar, but instead accumulate damage until they are knocked flying off the screen.

Super Smash Bros is now capturing the gamer’s attention with a release that feels as if it has been tailored to suit the handheld Nintendo 3DS rather than simply compressed to fit it. Supported by a wealth of characters, game modes, and stages, the new release will allow Super Smash Bros to keep its place in the hearts of fans and carve a new and substantial niche in the handheld gaming community.

Opinion by Mathew Channer

Nintendo Life

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