NORAD Scrambles F-15 Jets: Unresponsive Aircraft Over Atlantic


North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has scrambled two F-15 fighter jets to investigate a small plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean after occupants stopped responding to communications. The plane is a utility Socata TBM-700 aircraft that departed from the airport in Rochester, New York with a destination of Naples, Florida and the pilot is currently unresponsive.

By some reports, occupants on the plane have not responded to any attempts to communicate and there are concerns about a possible depressurization oxygen malfunction, which would cause hypoxia. The F-15 jetsĀ are currently following the plane and both NORAD and the United States Federal Aviation Authority are closely monitoring the situation.

By Alana Marie Burke

UPDATE: According to NORAD, the windows on the plane are frosted over and the plane is now in Cuban airspace. The F-15 fighter jets will not enter Cuban airspace and Cuban authorities have been notified.


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