President Zuma is Protected: Right or Wrong


South African President Jacob Zuma is protected, which brings up the subject of whether this is right or wrong. The African National Congress (ANC) ruling party has always defended Zuma, and the loyalty toward Zuma by party members is astonishing, considering there is no discussion over deciding what is right or wrong.

Since the inauguration of President Zuma, he has been criticized for his leadership, lack of accountability and the direction South Africa is going. The corruption, fraud and open abuse of public funds are regarded as a regular concept. The veracity of the allegations against Zuma are never tested by the ANC; rather, they are brushed aside or defended.

The citizens of the country continue to vent their anger, frustration and objection, regardless of race, because the protection given to Zuma by the ANC is wrong. The moral and ethical responsibility of government remains under scrutiny, and the right or wrong actions continue to bring disrespect for Zuma from among citizens.

The ANC blindly leads the country on a destructive path with no thought for the future of the people, the land or its resources. The theft, mismanagement, nepotism and corruption of Zuma and the ruling party remain frequent topics of disconcertion. The majority who continually vote for the ANC, fully aware of the faults of Zuma, defend the ANC emphatically without doubt. Stories covering the blatant maladministration, often involving Zuma, flow across news channels sparking comments from the public, yet the majority of ANC supporters do not object. The ANC presume that it is mainly minority group views that are considered as incorrect and inaccurate. Perhaps it is the perspicacity, reasoning and judgment of the loyal ANC supporters that astonishes the intellect of the minority groups.

The ANC recently issued a report about the continued attacks against Zuma, not in his personal capacity, but because of his position. The ANC believes they are discredited due to the progressive policies the party implements, causing a high disapproval among critics. ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, believes there is an agenda to damage the reputation of Zuma and the ANC party. Kodwa said the minority parties hurled insults toward the ANC because they think it is a communist regime. Kodwa mentioned the superiority of race, saying critics saw the black majority as inefficient and corrupt.

All allegations, criticisms and offense regarding Zuma and the nuclear deal, the bribery in the controversial arms deal were dismissed as rumor-mongering by Kodwa. According to Kodwa, people miss the point and are not interested in building a future for the country, only criticizing the actions of the ruling party.

The issue of protecting Zuma is right only because there are benefits, and it is wrong because the democracy disappoints the people. There is no trust or judgment; there is only the loyalty of the majority who will blindly follow the ANC forever. The worsening association and the narcissistic, paranoid personalities of ANC members leap to defend Zuma whether it is right or wrong, without consideration of the people. Right or wrong, Zuma is regarded as a man of great intelligence among ANC supporters and party loyalists. Without a doubt, Zuma has dependable protection, whether that is right or wrong.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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