Reddit Prostate Cancer Donations in Honor of Jennifer Lawrence Returned

prostate cancerReddit users recently donated more than $6,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) in honor of Jennifer Lawrence, apparently in an attempt to absolve their guilt after looking at her nude photos, but PCF wants nothing to do with the money and is returning all of it. It is uncertain why the PCF was chosen as the voyeurs’ beneficiary, but the direction to donate to them came from a Reddit user. Apparently some Redditors believe that the actress has previously donated to the organization.

The Reddit contributions have made them the top source of donations to the foundation. Many of the contributions are tagged “In honour of JLaw.” Although it is uncertain whether or not Lawrence actually is a contributor to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, one user noted that the least they can do is “follow suit” by donating to maintain long-term health, following with, “Be the hero TheFappening deserves!”

TheFappening is the Reddit forum that was set up after a hacker posted stolen, naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence. The Forum provides advice on how to share the photos on-line and expresses specific instructions on how to protect the identity of the unidentified hacker, at the risk of being banned from the subreddit. The Forum moderator, who uses the name “thefappeningmod,” lists a number of other domains that Reddit subscribers can use to access the nude photos.

The Jennifer Lawrence subreddit page now states “from here on out all leaked pictures of Jennifer will be removed.” However, every time the subreddit is deleted a new forum opens. A recent report states that the hacker has over 2GB worth of images that they may provide free to the public. At this time more than 137,000 people have subscribed to the forum.

Reddit users have expressed outrage at the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s decision to return the donations made on Jennifer Lawrence’s behalf. One wrote “What kind of charity doesn’t accept free money for research for such an important cause? This makes me really mad.”

A PCF statement says that the Reddit user directed other users to donate to the Foundation without their permission or knowledge, and that they would never condone raising funds in this manner. They conclude that in maintaining their standards and respect for everyone involved, they are returning any donations resulting from the Reddit post.

The PCF is the leading philanthropic organization supporting prostate cancer research around the world. According to their website the foundation has raised more than $595 million for cancer research, relying primarily on private contributions. Their efforts include funding research to try to learn why one in seven men get prostate cancer and to help discover new treatments.

Th Fappening, a combination of the words “happening” and “fap” (a slang term for masturbation), refers to the nude photographs posted on 4chan that featured a number of high-profile celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence. On August 31, nude photos of over 100 female celebrities were posted to the site. The subreddit page had over 50,900 subscribers in the first 10 hours. Information is not available as to whether Reddit users attempting to absolve themselves of guilt donated to other charities besides the Prostate Cancer Foundation after looking at the nude photos of any other celebrities.

By Beth A. Balen

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