Rob Kardashian Baby Rumors Prove False Once Again

Rob Kardashian
Rumors that Rob Kardashian is a father have once again proven to be false, despite tweets posted by Kardashian himself stating otherwise, tweets which he deleted almost as soon as they were posted. Sources close to the reality television star say that he was merely seeing what the media would believe, and that there is zero truth to the matter.

The 27-year-old posted the first tweet on the day before the fourth of July, when he shared with his fans the fact that he was going to watch the upcoming fireworks with his son, expressing how happy he was to be able to share the experience with his child. Upon being bombarded with questions regarding this unsuspected news, Kardashian was quick to retract the information he had just posted, stating that those who knew him were aware he was just playing around. He went on to make a joke regarding his mother’s feelings on the subject, saying that the fans’ outpouring of concern had led to Kris Jenner calling to find out why she had not been told of his fatherhood.

This past Thursday night, however, the former model shocked his followers once more by stating he was in the company of his child’s mother. This was after he posted last Sunday that he was going to pick up his son from the airport, and asking his fans for suggestions of movies to watch with a six-year-old. These last few tweets led his fans to believe that he was indeed a father, and had taken back his former post because he was not ready to fully share the news with the public yet. The aforementioned source, however, says that this last claim to parentage was yet another joke on Kardashian’s part. He apparently wanted to see how quick various media outlets would latch on to the news and how far it would spread, a mission that was most certainly accomplished in the end, as the story has been spreading like wildfire across the internet since he posted (and then almost immediately deleted) the tweets. The source says the California native knew people had been on baby watch since December when the first rumor surfaced, in which it was alleged that he was a father to a four-year-old located in Miami.

It is also highly speculated that the Arthur George sock designer has been using this rumor as a diversion tactic to get people to stop focusing on his battle with weight gain and alleged drug addiction. These issues, especially the former, have been the subject of months of gossip and scrutiny among both fans and those who do not approve of him and his family. Indeed, Kardashian did not attend his sister Kim’s wedding to rapper Kanye West earlier this year, reportedly due to his fear of being photographed and subsequently ridiculed because of his appearance. Many of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s fans believe that he is sick of these issues being discussed at large by the public, and therefore wanted to give them something else to talk about instead.

It remains to be seen whether further rumors will begin to circulate suggesting Rob Kardashian has fathered a child. For now, however, he is adamant that he does not, in fact, have a child.

By Rebecca Grace

Entertainment Tonight
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