Robin Williams’ Daughter Returns to Twitter

Zelda Williams

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, has returned to Twitter and other social media platforms. She decided to take time away after a series of negative tweets aimed towards her after her father’s death. However, she had a change of heart when she realized that she was letting the bullies win.

The Good Will Hunting actor committed suicide last month, surprising many fans and his family. While many sent their condolences to the family members through social media, some used it as a chance to attack Williams for his decision. They claimed that he was selfish, going to hell and a terrible father.

The bullies then attacked the 25-year-old for not posting many photos of her father on her social media. While some would post selfie after selfie, Ms. Williams explained that many of her favorite moments were very private ones. The ones that she wanted to remember were not captured in photos, but that did not mean she was not remembering her father.

It seemed the final straw was users sharing a photo allegedly of the 63-year-old actor’s body from the morgue. The image turned out to be of a man who looked very much like her father, but it still hurt. She decided it was time to step away from social media and grieve. Arguably, this was the right decision at the time, even if it did seem like she was letting the bullies win.

After a few weeks away, Williams’ daughter has returned to Twitter and other social media sites. Rather than attack those who attacked her, she decided to apologize to those who were following her. She apologized for letting the bullies get to her, and shared a quote on her Tumblr blog from Harvey Fierstein.

The quote was very simple, and made it clear that she was not going to remain silent anymore. She had finished letting those spouting negative and hurtful remarks get to her. It has already gone viral across the blogging platform and online. On Twitter, the post has been shared over one thousand times.

There is still a chance that people will leave negative remarks. Unfortunately, people just like to troll and it happens anywhere online. People just have to learn how to deal with them, and the best way is through ignoring trolls. By leaving, Ms. Williams gave the trolls the satisfaction that they had won; at least temporarily. Now they will know that she has come back stronger than ever.

Sine making the return, she has received a lot of support. Many have taken the time to share their condolences once again and commend her for her decision. They respect that she took some time out, but has now decided that she will not be silenced. Many respect how she has handled coming back. Instead of shaming individual people, she sent an encouraging and polite message to all those who have faced bullies in the past or may do in the future. It is clear that Williams’ daughter has returned to Twitter for the foreseeable future, and will not let people get her down.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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