Sarah Hyland Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Ex Boyfriend

Sarah Hyland, one of the stars of Modern Family, had been granted a temporary restraining order against Matthew Prokop, her ex-boyfriend, whom she claims both physically and verbally abused her during their four-year relationship. The order was granted by a Los Angeles judge early Tuesday afternoon.

The court documents detail the actress’s allegations that Prokop became dangerous towards the end of their relationship, resulting in a stand-off outside the 23-year-old’s home. The stand-off in question began after the Geek Charming actor allegedly physically assaulted Hyland following an argument concerning her outfit, an altercation that led to her being pinned against a car by her throat. The actress says she suffered an extremely sore throat following the incident, and explains how she was unable to speak or breathe during the reported assault. Upon realizing that her life was potentially in danger, the New York native says she came to the realization that she was in abusive relationship, and decided to enlist fellow actress Julie Bowen (who plays Hyland’s mother on Modern Family) to help her break things off with him.

The actress has given the statement that she bought Prokop a plane ticket in order for him to return to his hometown of Texas, but says the actor was none too pleased to find that Bowen and others were waiting by his girlfriend’s side upon his arrival. He reportedly experienced something of a meltdown following this discovery, and the documents state that he proceeded to run into the backyard and begin screaming. Hyland claims that Prokop then threw a lighter at her, after which time Bowen reportedly intervened and told her television daughter to flee the house in order to ensure her safety. In the documents, the actress also alleges that Prokop not only threatened to torch one of her homes, but also told her she would never see her dog again following the incident. Upon the official termination of their relationship, she claims that the 24-year-old bombarded her with threatening text messages and voice emails, many of which supposedly contained not only vulgar and obscene content, but also threats of his own suicide.

Hyland says that Prokop entered a rehab facility in August, but was released merely one month later on September 21st. The reasons behind his rehabilitation have yet to be disclosed. Upon his release, the actress claims that the facility’s director contacted her in order to suggest she get a restraining order against him, due to his mental instability and hostile attitude towards her. The actress did not waste any time heeding the director’s advice, and requested a temporary restraining order shortly thereafter. The order was almost instantly granted, requiring Prokop to stay at least 100 yards from his Geek Charming co-star at all times, as well as keep the same amount of distance from her dog.

It remains to be seen whether or not the temporary restraining order Sarah Hyland was granted against ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop will become permanent. Neither the actor nor his representatives have yet given any statement regarding the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post
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