Sarah Palin and Family Involved in Brawl at Anchorage Party

Sarah Palin

A drunken brawl involving about 20 people broke out at a party Saturday night that was attended by former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family. The incident, which people say was started by Alaska’s former First Family, apparently began when the Palins arrived in a stretch Hummer limousine. Twenty-five-year-old Track Palin almost immediately got into a fist fight with a party guest who may have dated his sister, Willow. Palin’s daughter, 23-year-old Bristol, was seen punching the host of the party in the face repeatedly, and Palin herself was heard yelling “Don’t you know who I am?” Someone in the crowd reportedly responded with “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!” Alcohol was believed to be a factor.

The melee occurred at a party last Saturday night at an Anchorage home, held to celebrate the birthdays of several Irondog Snowmobile Race participants, including Sarah Palin’s huband Todd. Todd Palin has won the long-distance event several times. Son Track apparently got out of the limousine and immediately had words with another man. The words escalated into a physical alteration. The owner of the house, Chris Olds, attempted to intervene and found himself up against the entire Palin clan, including Bristol throwing what is described as strong right hooks and Sarah screaming. Todd Palin sustained a bloody nose.

According to party guest Eric Thompson, there were about 70 people in attendance at the party. He said that Bristol was really hitting the party host, and that he was surprised the recipient of the punches was “just sitting there taking it.” He said it was like watching the Jerry Springer show. Thompson he and about 10 other people made statements to the police, who responded to the scene just before midnight. According to Anchorage Police Department (APD) spokesperson Jennifer Castro, they responded to a report of a “verbal and physical altercation taking place between multiple subjects” outside a residence.

Witnesses reported that after arriving in the limosine, several members of the Palin family stepped into the brawl when they discovered that 20-year-old Willow’s former boyfriend was in attendance. According to Amanda Coyne, Alaska Political Blogger who was at the party, Track ripped off his shirt and begun making rude gestures to the other man, while Bristol attacked the host. As people left in cabs they saw Track on the street, shirtless, making rude gestures at them, with Sarah right behind him and Todd tending to his bloody nose.

Sarah Palin did not mention the alleged incident on her Thursday night appearance on Fox News’ Hannity Show. She did, however, criticize President Obama’s initiative to defeat ISIL, saying “dear Lord, these boys are so arrogant and that’s getting in the way of sound policy that will keep America secure and our allies.” She is under fire for what many people interpret her calling the President a “boy.”

APD spokesperson Castro confirms that the Palins were involved in the messy altercation Saturday night, but no one pressed charges so no arrests were made. The incident is under investigation. The Palins were asked to leave the party. The family has not responded to requests for comment.

By Beth A. Balen

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Image from U.S. Federal Government Public Domain

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