Scotland Gets Closer to Independence as Yes Campaign Surges Forward

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Scotland is getting closer to being an independent country as the Yes campaign surges forwards in the opinion polls. It has been a shock for many, who truly believed that more would want to stay as part of the United Kingdom. People need to decide by September 18, when they get to officially vote.

Scottish independence will be a debate in many Scotland homes at the moment. The political debates are continually on the TV, and many feel that the U.K. is trying to bully people to remain part of the Union. The Better Together campaign, also known as the No campaign, believes that they will win once voters get to the stands.

However, a YouGov poll shows that out of the people who have made up their mind, 51 percent will vote for independence. The results surprised many as it is the first time the Yes campaign has been placed ahead of the No campaign. The poll was taken between September 2 and 5, and included just 1,084 people.

There are certainly limitations to this poll. The first is that just over 1,000 people were involved. There are many more in Scotland who will get a say in the vote. There are also many who are still undecided.

It has been very difficult for some to make a decision. All they want to know is what it will really mean for the country if it does or does not get independence. Instead, the politicians are arguing over matters like whether the people will get to keep the pound or whether the Queen will still be the head of state.

It appears that Scotland is getting closer to independence with this opinion poll showing the Yes campaign is surging forward. However, another poll shows that the No campaign is in the lead with 52 percent of the vote after excluding the undecided ones. Pollsters Panelbase surveyed people between September 2 and 6.

With the YouGov survey, once the undecided votes were taken into account 35 percent were voting for independence. This is almost double the amount of people from surveys a month ago. The debates on TV seem to certainly be working for the Yes campaign.

The Better Together campaign seems to be failing due to voters not trusting Alistair Darling. There have been many promises for Scotland if it remains as part of the Union, including more powers for its parliament. However, only a third of voters trust his words. One thing that many voters point out is that Westminster will have a General Election in May 2015, and that will change everything. A new government could easily back out of its promises.

While the opinion polls show that the Yes campaign may be in the lead right now, it is important to point out that people need to turn up to vote. Opinion polls show all sorts of results running up to elections, and then everything changes on the day because people cannot be bothered to vote. This may be different for the referendum considering the Scots really do want a say. It could mean that Scotland gets independence based on the surge forward from the Yes campaign in the recent opinion poll, but it is certainly close at the moment.

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