Scotland Should Now Unite for More Power


Scotland has been told it should now unite if it wants more power. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken out after the problems that started yesterday following the independence referendum result. The streets of Glasgow, Dundee and other areas were full of a mixture of celebration and arguing.

Brown believes that irreconcilable differences between the people are myths that people need to look past. It is time to work together to get the best outcome for the people. While it will not mean a complete break from Westminster, it could mean more power for the Scottish government.

Before the referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron and the leaders of other parties promised more devolved powers. That promise was reiterated after the results, which showed 55 percent of people were against Scotland becoming an independent country.

Those who were for independence stated that the differences were irreconcilable, but that should not be the case. This has been reiterated as Westminster now debate over whether the Scottish government should get more devolved powers. Backbenchers complain that they never agreed to the idea of more power in the first place, while complaining that England-only matters should only be decided by English MPs.

Brown wants to see the promises made to the Scottish people happen. However, he says the only way to see that is by Scotland uniting together for more power. It will take the Yes and No campaigns working together to prove that this is something the people of the country wany and deserve.

Cameron spoke about giving the country more power by January. However, other ministers have argued that it is too soon. Debates need to happen, and they will attempt to slow down the process. Yesterday, First Minister Alex Salmond quit, partially due to the result but also because of Westminster politicians going back on their promises.

Brown’s successor, Ed Miliband, has announced that there are more important things to discuss rather than more devolution for Scotland. It has led to many Yes supporters complaining about those who chose to believe the promises from Westminster. People have been attacked and abused on both sides for their political viewpoints, tearing families and friends apart.

George Square, Glasgow was the center of many “riots” after the results were announced. No campaigners went to celebrate the overall victory, while Yes campaigners celebrated the fact that Glasgow was one of four areas to vote for independence. However, the celebrations have turned ugly as people started attacking others personally. Saltire and Union flags were burned in protest, and Nazi salutes were caught on camera.

Police on horseback had to be called in to keep the two sides of the campaign apart. The No campaigners have been painted in a severely negative light as they forced Yes supporters out of George Square and took Saltire flags out of the hands of those pro independence. It fuels the idea that the differences are irreconcilable.

However, Brown believes that that is not the case. The votes have been cast and results counted. It is now time for Scotland to unite if it wants more power for its government.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent

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Photo credit: CC-2.0 Glasgow’s Finest

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