The Vampire Diaries Official Posters Raises Questions About Season Six

The Vampire Diaries

The official poster for The Vampire Diaries season six has raised more questions about the show. One of those is whether Elena and Stefan will get back together now that Damon is trapped on the destroyed Other Side. The idea has many fans rejoicing, although many had hoped to see Caroline end up with the younger Salvatore brother.

Last season ended with Damon and Bonnie being trapped on the Other Side, which was falling apart. Mystic Falls was a witch-magic free zone thanks to the Travelers, so the majority of the cast has been forced to new homes. It appears that Matt, Jeremy and Tyler are staying put in the supernatural-free town, while the others deal with their grief in their own way.

For Elena it may mean leaning on ex-boyfriend Stefan. However, Stefan seems to want to just get away from the whole problem. He is reportedly way from Mystic Falls and working in a job that nobody expects. Caroline is trying in vain to contact Stefan, while trying to reverse the Travelers’ spell so she can go back home.

The question many have is which relationships will come about during the season. There is already news that a relationship between Stefan and Caroline is very unlikely, but could a mini love triangle be created between Caroline, Elena and Stefan?

The official poster for season six of The Vampire Diaries certainly raise questions around that idea. Stefan can be seen pulling Elena off, while Caroline is crawling around on the ground. Wetpaint has even gone as far as suggesting that the blonde-haired vampire could sacrifice herself as a way to bring back her best friend and older Salvatore brother.

Season six of The Vampire Diaries certainly seems like it is going to be the last season. The contracts reportedly come to an end, and Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena, is reportedly fed up of ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder (Damon) bringing his new girlfriend to set every day. It has made it a difficult place to work, and she wants out. She is also reportedly focusing on a movie career.

Many fans will admit that it seems odd that Stefan and Elena are holding hands in the new poster. It speaks volumes, especially to the “Stelena” shippers. The poster also has Matt, Alaric, Enzo, Tyler and Jeremy in the background, suggesting all will be major players in this season. The question will be how they become such major players.

Tyler is back from the dead as pure human, while Alaric is back as an Original Vampire. Enzo was brought in for the fifth season, and many wonder whether he will still have his humanity turned off.

Another important question is will Damon and Bonnie end up together? The two are currently stuck on the destroyed Other Side, but are very close in the promo poster. There are a number of “Bamon” shippers out there who may believe that this is the perfect time for them to finally get together.

The new season of the show starts on October 2, and so far Julie Plec has shared very little. The newest official poster for The Vampire Diaries season six speaks volumes and raises many questions about the potentially last season.

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