Shia LaBeouf Shows Sensible Side By Pleading Guilty?

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Shia LaBeouf

Could Shia LaBeouf be showing off his sensible side by pleading guilty in court? He was arrested in June for disorderly conduct at a Cabaret performance, and admitted that he has problems with alcohol. The most recent arrest seemed to be the final straw of strange and sometimes unlawful behavior, which had many people questioning his mental state.

Shortly after, rumors started that he was going into rehab. However, he was attending to pick up the initial materials he needed to start his sobriety course. Since June, he has not been in the news for his crazy behavior, suggesting that he is seeking the help he needs.

Pleading guilty is also a positive sign. At the start of the year, the Transformers actor seemed to avoid admitting fault. He was accused of plagiarism, but treated it as a joke. While he apologized, he plagiarized others’ apology speeches and did it in ways that would ensure people would continue talking about it.

Rather than try to joke or talk his way out of this one, LaBeouf chose to plead guilty in court. That has certainly helped to gain a more lenient sentence, but Judge Diana Boyar is not going too easy on him. She ordered that he attend The Hills, a treatment facility to get help with his mental issues and addictions. This will take part at the same time as the voluntary treatment he sought soon after the June event.

Is LaBeouf showing off his sensible side by pleading guilty, or was it only because he could not get out of this one? Some skeptics would suggest that this is another part of the game to him. He is biding him time, and knew that this was the best way to avoid further repercussions for his actions.

Others suggest that he has finally accepted that he needs help. In July, he sought treatment voluntarily according to his rep. He knows that his recent actions could end up bringing his career to an end, and is that something that he really wants to happen?

It could also be that he needs someone else to order him to go through rehab. He needs that push to get full treatment for his addictions.

The 28-year-old actor has been ordered to do three months at The Hills. If he fails to carry out the full term, he could end up in jail for up to 15 days. He must also remain out of trouble for six months, and that will allow him to withdraw his current plea. The case will also be dismissed if he sticks to the judge’s ruling.

It does not seem like the Transformers actor regrets his actions, however. His attorney Robert Gage was asked outright about this, but only said that he “appreciates everyone’s courtesy.” Surely there would be nothing wrong with the actor admitting that he regrets his actions if that was really the case. It would suggest that he only pleaded guilty because he knew he would get a more lenient sentence, and not that LaBeouf was showing off his sensible side.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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