Sara Gilbert Announces Pregnancy on The Talk

Sara Gilbert

Here is some exciting news — Sara Gilbert, co-host of The Talk, announced on Tuesday, September 9, during a live episode, that she was pregnant. The baby will be her first one with wife Linda Perry, though Gilbert has two children from her relationship with ex Allison Adler, her son, Levi, who is nine, and Sawyer, her daughter, who is seven.

Sara Gilbert revealed that a baby is on the way on The Talk because she had been challenged to take part in a physical activity and she had to refuse. She had been dared to have a cinderblock broken on her stomach and she had to turn the dare down, as she did not want to take the chance that the dare might very well terminate her pregnancy or hurt her baby.

It was a very public way for Sara Gilbert, 39, to announce that she was pregnant. However, with her friends and co-hosts there, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler, she was able to let them all in on her secret at once and tell them her good news.

As this week is “Face Your Fears” week on The Talk, Sara Gilbert told her co-hosts that one of her fears was having a cinderblock smashed on her stomach with a hammer.The dare would also have involved having a bed of nails placed on her stomach. She said she really believed “in facing your fears,” but she added that she was not going to do the dare “because I’m pregnant.”

Her co-hosts expressed their joy and excitement by squealing and shouting “Oh my God!” All of the women on The Talk have a close-knit relationship and seem to really get along well with each other, at least most of the time.

Former Roseanne star Sara got married to her wife, Linda, this year, in March. They were married three years after she and television producer, Allison Adler broke up with each other. The baby she is carrying now will be her third, but the first one with her wife, Linda Perry.

Gilbert, who has mentioned before that her fellow co-actor on Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki, helped her to realize that she was gay, said that she had felt really tired in her initial days of finding out that she was pregnant. Now, though, she told her co-hosts that she felt “really good!”

Taking the chance on The Talk to publicly make the announcement that she was pregnant was also a good way for Sara Gilbert to let all of her fans know that she is expecting. Why go to the trouble of taking to Twitter or other social media sources when telling the news on a talk show is an option?

The good news is that The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert is starting up her own family with her wife, musician Linda Perry. She got out of facing her fear of having a cinderblock smashed on her stomach. What some people do to get out of a dare!

The Guardian Liberty Voice wishes to congratulate Sara Gilbert and her wife, Linda Perry. The baby will be the first for Gilbert and Linda. The Talk will have a lot more to talk about in the coming months, as Sara Gilbert’s due date gets ever closer.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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