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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Continues Its Final Season Rampage [Review]


Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy continued its final season rampage in Episode 3 of Season 7, entitled “Playing With Monsters.” As Jax (Charlie Hunnam) continues his vengeance-filled quest to avenge Tara’s death and get his club free of guns, his dark side has only matured and been accentuated. Part of Jax’s transformation can certainly be attributed to his wife’s tragic fate. However, as Tara (Maggie Siff) herself pointed out in the grim Season 6 finale, Jax is a changed man and he has internalized his sorrows this season. His dark path will undoubtedly lead to much more bloodshed and mayhem for the series’ swan song, in true Sons of Anarchy fashion.

One area where Jax’s dark side has emerged is in his handling of the Juice (Theo Rossi) situation. The new sheriff, played by Annabeth Gish (The X-Files and The Bridge), wants him for questioning in the murders of Tara and Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar), which occurred in the Season 6 finale. He is the only remaining SAMCRO member who has not been questioned. Of course, as viewers know, Gemma was the one who brutally murdered her own daughter-in-law in such a savage fashion, all in the name of Jax and the club. It is even more morbid that actress Katey Sagal, who portrays Gemma Teller Morrow, revealed at Comic-Con that Sons fans now approach her with carving forks to be signed. Following Gemma’s ruthless and misguided act, Juice shot and killed Roosevelt in an effort to shield the MC’s mama bear.

As Sons of Anarchy continues its final season rampage, viewers are left on pins and needles as the club hunts Juice for his “betrayal” of Jax and the MC, the rival clubs are on the brink of war, and Gemma is struggling with her actions–past and present–that have set the wheels in motion to her family’s unraveling and comeuppance. Gemma has always claimed that her actions have been for her family’s sake and that of the club, which is a big part of her family unit. However, viewers see the matriarch unraveling herself as she deals with her inquisitive grandson, curious lover, and grief-stricken son, who has been driven dark and bloodthirsty in the wake of his beloved’s death. It is also very interesting how Gemma has been speaking to Tara when she thinks no one else is around. When it first happened in the Season 7 premiere, it was unexpected. However, it does make sense on many levels. It is part of Gemma’s coping mechanism and justification for her actions. If she continues to speak to Tara’s spirit, then somehow it mitigates her actions. However, she knows her comeuppance is coming and deserved. The only question is when and in what form will it arrive?

Viewers are awaiting with bated breath for Jax’s realization that his own mother killed his wife and the mother of her youngest grandchild, Thomas. Little Thomas is too young to realize what has happened to his family, but the same is not true of elder grandson, Abel. Abel has many questions for his grandmother and he is a very perceptive child, due in large part to Tara’s influence and love. He has also witnessed many things that he should not have, like Nero’s beat down of the abusive father who slapped Gemma in the episode. Nero, who is played by Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue and L.A. Law), has also formed a unique bond and crackling chemistry with Jax’s ex and Abel’s biological mother, Wendy Case, portrayed by The Sopranos‘ Drea de Matteo. The two former addicts have gelled over their substance abuse issues, as well as their concern for Abel and Thomas in the wake of Tara’s death and Jax’s mission to see it avenged. Could these two troubled but surprisingly stable individuals end up being Abel and Thomas’ caretakers as the Sons of Anarchy nears its conclusion?

As Sons of Anarchy continues its final season rampage, the newcomers are not the only ones making surprising moves that could very well affect the way the series is played out. There is also Wayne Unser, played by Dayton Callie, who is former sheriff and current police consultant for Charming. The perpetually terminal cancer patient has proven to be a survivor in more ways than one. He has not only managed to draw out his terminal illness beyond all reason, he has also managed to stay on good terms with the MC and Gemma, for whom he harbors unrequited love. He is the “teflon man” of the series, but how long can that last? As series creator and show runner Kurt Sutter has proven time and again, nothing is set in stone and expect the unexpected. One thing is certain as Sons of Anarchy continues its swan song, once Jax learns the truth about his beloved Tara’s death and Gemma’s involvement, the rampage will be far from over.

Opinion by Leigh Haugh

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