South African Genocide or Social Class Blunders?

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The systematic killing of an ethnic or religious group continues to be frowned upon in South Africa. However, referred to as genocide of the whites, the persistent killing does not end. Since 1994, the rise in murders has escalated with no apparent hope of stopping the brutality involved in the killings.

In South Africa, the different ethnic groups and color equates to social class and this division causes problems. While the masses are black and considered the working class, the colored people are often referred to as skilled, and the white and Indian population are considered to be the ruling class. It is a segregation of social class dominated by color that gives rise to the culture conflict.

The native European culture differs from the indigenous African culture. It is the thinking of the indigenous Africans that needs a radical change. There is a base mentality which is dysfunctional, shortsighted and delusional, and perhaps it is not a coincidence that African nations are listed at the bottom of the Human Development Index (HDI) table. There are the exceptional few African countries that have shown a rapid HDI index rise, and they are the countries with a significant white and Asian population contributing to the economies.

Corruption and dishonest policies emerge from the mentality and culture in Africa and these policies hinder the growth and sustainable development that is within Africa’s historical structural context. Corrupt rulers and the continued destruction of land is the cause of the struggle for resources, and this corruption illustrates the unfortunate human trait of selfishness.

Economic and cultural change is needed for the radical inequality and social class stigma to disappear and the educated can begin to facilitate this change by ridding themselves of their mental inferiority complex which blames the past or minorities for failure. Strategies, policies, structures and procedures for transformation need to be developed and confident leaders can set the pace for real change.

The question of whether the remaining white minority will be driven out of the land hinders positive growth and the escalating trend of farm attacks and murders does nothing to encourage first world countries into taking action. The soaring rise of murder, rape and corruption in South Africa follows the African trend of the strongest tribe gathering the plunder.

There are many factors linked to the genocide of the white minority group in South Africa, and it is not the torture or killing that alone causes the country to be listed as a dangerous place. There is also the implementation of policies such as Black Economic Empowerment, which aims to deprive a minority group of people their right to a sustainable life.

How long will the minority groups continue to endure the senseless killings? Another unanswered question is, how long will the ruling parties continue to ignore the reality of a slow genocide within the borders of South Africa?

There is sufficient evidence indicating that the mindset of black radicals instigates hate speech and they have openly declared their hatred of the white population via social media platforms. It is not only the mainstream blacks that perpetuate hate speech, political party members also embrace the action of using social media to further incite the social class inequality division. Clearly, the prevalence of events linked to the South African genocide of a minority group and what can be described as social class blunders continue to generate inequality in a culture in conflict.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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